Monday, March 11, 2013

Mom and Tot Craft Time: Colorful Button Egg

Crafting with my toddler is a great way to connect and converse with one another, especially on difficult days.

Since Easter is coming soon we decided to make a simple Colorful Button Egg project! 

While we were doing our colorful button egg project we talked about sizes, shapes, and colors of the buttons. We also worked out our finger muscles by picking up the buttons and glueing them. This part is challenging for my little one so it is good for us to practice!  


  • colorful buttons
  • glue
  • marker
  • scissors
  • card stock


First I drew a large oval on the card stock card with a marker.

Then we dropped globs of Elmer's glue all over our egg and we started sticking on buttons!

Once the glue dried we cut out the egg and displayed it on our project wall. My daughter loves to spend time admiring her crafts that get put on the wall... and then she likes to pull them apart... which is why I take pictures of them :) 

Simple open ended crafts are often the best for connecting and conversing because you don't have to deal with detailed directions that take your attention away from the most important part of the activity... which is your child!

What are your favorite simple toddler crafts that allow you to create while connecting with your child?

Here are a few other simple toddler crafts that I've loved lately...

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  1. I loved this craft! It is simple but so lovely! Have a nice day!


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