Monday, March 4, 2013

Literally Moving... and Grooving {30 Day Challenge Week 1 Check In}

We are getting ready for a big remodel at our house, so in addition to running around and having fun together, we actually spent time literally moving stuff around at our house {mostly boxes and furniture}.

Last week we introduced our Move and Groove with Your Kids {30 Day Challenge}. Each Monday during our 30 day challenge we'll be checking in to see how it is going. I'd love for you to share with us how you are moving and grooving at your house.

If you are joining in on this 30 Day Challenge with us, please take a second to fill in the Google Form below and report how you did last week.

Some of the ways we moved and grooved last week included... 

Tuesday - Family Jogging club

Wednesday- Jogging Club and Splat Painting (hopefully I'll get to post about this tomorrow)

Thursday- Freeze dancing and going on a bug hunt

Friday- Bike Ride and Jog to the park, Tree tag, and Playground climbing

Saturday- Moving lots of boxes and Lightsaber Dueling

Sunday- Rest day (though wrestling the kids in the chairs at church to keep them entertained felt like quite a workout)

Monday- Hiking the hills in our neighborhood and dancing for baby Ryan

My goals for this next week include... discovering some new creative ways to move and groove and going on a secret adventure with my kids that also gets us moving!

What did you do last week?

I was so excited to discover the First Lady's Let's Move challenge to get kids and adults moving and being healthier. If you haven't seen this evolution of mom-dancing video yet... I think you'll probably find it pretty funny. It definitely made me want to get up and get moving some more with my kids. 

If you're just joining us, head over to our Move and Groove 30 Day Challenge landing page to read about the details of our challenge. Can't wait to hear how it is going for you!


  1. My kids are older -- ages 8 through 13 -- so I am finding that we move and groove separately. I'd love ideas on what we can all do together. My kids tend to do more organized movement through sports with games and practices. Or, they will goof around in the basement or yard.

    Maybe jump roping?

    1. So glad you are participating! Great ideas! When I was their ages I loved to play basketball and baseball as a family and go on walks and hikes together. Walking and running with my mom is still my favorite way to be active. Love hearing how you're participating Mia!


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