Friday, February 8, 2013

Scratch Off Chore Card {Cleaning with Kids}

Cleaning is one of those mundane things that we have to do every day... and I would honestly rather skip it and do fun activities instead. :) Sometimes my son whines when we have to pick up and I usually feel like joining in. I like to look for ways to make chores a little less boring for all of us... so we tend to get creative. Last year we created a Four in a Row Cleaning Game and a DIY Kid-Made Cleaning Board Game and both have been big hits with the kids.

This week I took my current obsession with scratch off crafts (like these scratch off valentines that we're going to try this weekend) and we made some Scratch Off Chore Cards. 

Before we got started deciding what chores to put on our scratch off chore cards, I got out my "Mom spy cam" and snapped some photos with my phone of what our house looked like right then... un-edited. These pictures helped us make a few decisions regarding some of the chores that needed to get put on our chore cards.

The messiest spots at our house are usually the sink, kitchen table, playroom, kid's bedrooms, and kitchen floor. Yesterday actually wasn't too bad (normally there is a line of dishes next to my sink and there are usually way more toys on the floor in the playroom)... but we still had some work to do!

After we surveyed the messes, we got started creating our scratch off chore cards!

Here's how we made them...

Supplies Needed:

  • tempera paint (darker colors are better)
  • dishwashing soap
  • chore card template
  • paint brushes
  • craft punch (or scissors)
  • contact paper


Start off by adding a little soap to your paint and then mix it together! I don't think you want too many bubbles, but mine bubbled a little and it was still fine!

Paint onto your contact paper! Do several coats so that you can't really see through the paint. This is totally fun for kids to do because they can glob on lots of paint!

Let the paint dry... and then paint a second and third coat if necessary.

While the paint is drying, print out your chore card template and write down the chores in the little circles (or just use our pre-made template if you like our chores).

Once the paint is dry, use your craft punch or scissors to punch out a circle from your painted contact paper. Peel off the back and adhere one painted circle on top of each chore.

Give each child their own chore card along with a shiny coin and start cleaning!

We have each person scratch off their job, share what it is (we practice reading the words... or the letters... or just following directions, depending on the kid), and then get started! Once one job is done, the kids can come back and scratch off another one. I had to make sure that I got a chore card too because I wanted to have a turn... it is really cool to watch the paint scratch off so easily and cleanly from the cards!

The best part about these chore cards is that once you're done using them you can repaint the contact paper circles that are covering each chore, let the paint dry, swap cards, and re-use them!

Cleaning and chores don't have to be terrible... they can actually be fun (though some days I have a hard time reminding myself about that). With little kids trying to do everyday chores can be daunting and oftentimes by the time you pick up one room, another room is destroyed.

Most days when my husband gets home I say something like, "The house was clean this morning... sorry you missed it." If my house were spotless all the time I would feel like I was spending time on the wrong things. So, our house is sometimes messy and the floors are sometimes sticky and have crumbs on them, but it feels lived in...

When I spend time cleaning I love to use products that are earth-friendly, smell nice, and are simple to use. Method's All Purpose Cleaner makes me feel happy when I am cleaning because the colors and scents just brighten my day and smell delicious. This week we tried out Method's Clementine All Purpose Cleaner. Pink Grapefruit is going to be my next purchase since I think it is perfectly pink for Valentine's Day!

You can save $1 off your Method purchase by clicking on the image below and using the coupon code mentioned when you check out at Method Home.

Do you have any fun or unique ways that you like to get chores and cleaning done with your kids? Come share them in the comments!

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Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Method. I was also given a budget to cover the cost of purchasing a bottle of Method All Purpose CleanerThank you so much for supporting my blog and the occasional sponsors that I work with.


  1. What a great idea to make cleaning fun for kids! And I think learning to do chores is such an important life skill. I once had a college roommate who had no idea how to clean and we shared an apartment with a lot of other people. I think she was embarrassed that she had no idea how to clean up after herself. She grew up with a mother who did EVERYTHING for her.

  2. Love this idea for cleaning. We have little chores in our every day routine - J loves making baskets with his clothes into the laundry bin, and T's favourite is washing up her and J's bowls from breakfast in her sink.

    We also LOVE method stuff and have used it for years (well since we moved into this house) the show spray with ylang ylang is fantastic.

  3. Love this idea . . . and going to make a version for myself (for those chores I hate the most). Am going to try adding glitter to see if that works. Thanks for the idea!

  4. I have been wanting to make scratch off REWARDS for my home. This, however, is equally as good of an idea!

  5. I LOVE Method cleaners; I use them almost exclusively. My favourites are the almond wood floor cleaner, and the peppermint glass cleaner.

    I really like the idea of snapping photos so you can look at rooms objectively. I should do that for staging, once we've packed away everything that we can.

  6. Letting children do some house chores is a great idea! It lessens your workload and teaches your kids to be responsible in the home. Love it!

  7. I work all weekend so on Friday evenings as soon as my 6-year-old gets home from school, we are on our way. The weekend is busy, busy for me...but my husband is off...I came up with a solution to having a clean house by the end of the weekend. I write a short list of chores for my husband and kids to work on together (most of them are small tasks that don't require much time **and I won't have to redo it whenever I get home**) Then, I tape it to the TV. At the end of the list, I give them each a reward(sugar-free Popsicles for everybody!). Through the week, I'm on my own so I have the kids help clean up their mess. They love to help with laundry--a major plus of front loaders--but toys and crumbs are EVERYWHERE. Since my kids never get candy or sweets at home--they're already jacked up enough--I found that to be the perfect treat for helping around the house...I tried chore charts and rewards, but they just didn't spark an interest... but little tootsie rolls are the best reward ever ever ever. My 6- and 2-year olds will promptly do whatever I ask if there is a tootsie treat at the end of it.

  8. This is such a GREAT idea - must try with my kids and also hope to share it in time with my parenting page fans on - Thank You!!

  9. wow that is neat! will be pinning it and trying it with our kids

  10. Children loves color, drawings, fun filled activity and this idea has everything!! Wow! Worth a try!!

  11. Such an inventive idea! My little guys are too young right now, but I will definitely keep this in mind in the next few years. Who doesn't love scratch offs?! :)

  12. What is contact paper please?

  13. I don't have toddlers but I need ways to make cleaning for for ME! I'll be following your website! :)

  14. I don't have toddlers but I still wanna do this - anything to make housework FUN! :)



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