Monday, January 14, 2013

Simple Yarn Valentine

Last week we had a great time with yarn as part of our ABC's of Toddler Activities series... so we decided to make yarn valentines! It is never too early to start making heart-shaped masterpieces for people you love. Valentine's Day crafts don't get much simpler than this project, so I think your toddler will enjoy it! 

Materials Needed: paper, scissors, glue, and yarn (or any other favorite embellishments)


Cut your paper into a heart shape (my preschooler can do this himself and I pre-cut the heart for my toddler)

Snip your yarn with scissors so that you have pieces that are all sorts of different sizes (my preschooler loves to snip yarn... so he cuts yarn for both him and his sister... it is a great way to work on his snipping skills).

Add some glue onto the heart.

Start sticking yarn all over! If your toddler decides to put one big clump of yarn in one spot that is totally ok... just make sure she uses enough glue! :) 

Let the project dry and then write a message on the back of each heart or string several together to make a heart banner.

Do you have any other favorite super simple toddler Valentine's Day crafts?

Here are a few of our favorites:


  1. Very sweet! i love how simple it is. And I love the fruit loop necklace your son is rockin'!

  2. Aww, how cute is your son? I'm sure my son would have a blast with this one. He'll probably use some glitters, too. ;) Messy but fun.

  3. My toddlers love this activity. The concentration and concerted effort is a joy to behold :)


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