Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Mom and Tot Craft Time: New Year Banner

On Monday my toddler and I managed to take advantage of the baby's nap time and sneak away for a little Mom and Tot Craft time, just the two of us.

I pulled out her favorite materials- markers, glitter glue, and sequins- and she was IN HEAVEN. We made a little sparkly New Year Banner to hang in our kitchen with our family goals for 2013.

This activity was not about making a cute finished product, it was about connecting with my toddler... though I think our banner is beautiful!

Materials Needed: Foam sticker sheets, glitter glue, markers, sequins, paper, tape, and any other embellishments.


1. Draw numbers 2 0 1 3 on the foam sticky sheets.

2. Decorate each number with your favorite materials.

My daughter tends to add big dollops of glitter glue, so then I encourage her to smear them around with her fingers. 

3. Let the numbers dry.

4. Draw a background on a larger piece of drawing paper. I let my daughter use my special new Mr. Sketch markers. They got on our table and were really hard to get off... so use different markers, even though these ones smell great!

5. Cut out the numbers, peel off the sticker paper, and stick them onto your banner.

After our banner was up, we had a family meeting about goals for 2013. Each person chose something they wanted to learn and something they wanted to do this year.

We printed off these firecrackers, colored them, cut them out, and wrote our goals on them.

My daughter added glitter glue to hers too :)

Then we posted them in our kitchen where we can see them often. We didn't make one for the baby, but his goal is to sleep a lot in 2013 :)

My husband and I also talked a lot about goals for our family for the new year. We are starting a big remodeling project at our house, so the next few months are going to crazy with that and we're going to need to have a tighter budget... so as a family we want to be thriftier and prioritize our time so we are spending it doing the BEST possible things... not just good or even great things. Doing that will definitely keep us busy but hopefully as we prioritize we will find time to do things that we've missed doing because less important (and trivial things) have gotten in the way.

What family or personal goals have you set for 2013?

Do you post them or record them anywhere?


  1. This banner is so cute and I love the idea of just saying one thing you'd like to learn and one thing you'd like to do this year. New Year's resolutions can get so overwhelming and overly-ambitious... I really like that way of simplifying them and am going to try it with my family!

  2. What a terrific idea. Will try with my grandson. Help him remember the year. (twitter grammer)


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