Tuesday, January 22, 2013

10 Simple Acts of Kindness Kids Can Do {The Good Long Road}

Yesterday we kicked off this year's 100 Acts of Kindness Project with our first challenge issued by Megan of Coffee Cups and Crayons!   

Today we are going to start brainstorming some ideas to help us accomplish our goal of doing 100 Acts of Kindness over the next four weeks. Jennifer from The Good Long Road is going to help us out by sharing 10 Acts of Kindness Kids Can Do That Don't Cost a Dime. 

Click on the image below to read The Good Long Road's post.  

Did Jennifer's awesome list help you come up with some ideas?

Here are three simple and inexpensive acts of kindness that we've done before that you could also try this week!

1. Create a wall of love together.

This is a special place where you can put notes to people you love in your family and see them often! Our kids added notes and pictures and our wall-o-love was such a simple and sweet way for our family to show love for one another.

2. Deliver a Jar of Hearts to someone you love {idea from The Outlaw Mom}.

Our Jar of Hearts was filled with leftover Christmas candy and love notes that my son wrote to his dad. It was precious and we still have it a year later!

3. Draw a picture for a neighbor... and drop it off with some treats. 

We made spin art snowflakes and then turned them into cards for our neighbors.

Kids love to serve people in simple ways. Do your kids ever seem ungrateful or a little bit selfish? Work together with them to find someone to serve and you'll be amazed at how quickly their attitudes change. There is something special that happens when you look outside of yourself and try and help someone else. I love finding ways to experience those good feelings that come from helping others again and again with my kids. I always learn something new and become more grateful for what I do have. It is never too early to start teaching kids to help others! My ultimate goal as I help my kids do acts of kindness and service for others is that they will become more loving, thoughtful, generous, and compassionate people... and I hope the same thing for me!

What are some other simple and inexpensive acts of kindness that kids can do?

If you're just joining us, head on over to our 100 Acts of Kindness Project 2013 landing page to get caught up and let us know that you will be participating!


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