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Birthday Cake Crafts & Activities {November BabbaBox}

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This month we are excited to share a few simple book-related crafts & activities created exclusively to go along with Froggy Bakes a Cake by Jonathan London which was featured in November's BabbaBox. November's BabbaBox was baking together themed! If you're unfamiliar with the Babbabox, you can read my post titled BabbaBox: A cool learning tool for kids! for a little bit more information.


In the book, Froggy Bakes a Cake, Froggy tries to bake a cake for his mom's birthday. He has quite a few disasters while he is baking and they are pretty funny to read about. The book had my kiddos laughing and asking to read it again. I think their favorite part was when the birthday cake exploded!

Our family celebrates a few birthdays in November and December (including mine, my mother in law's, and my toddler's birthday) so we had a great time doing the baking activities in this month's box and then creating a few birthday cake themed activities to share with you!

1. Birthday Play-doh Cupcakes

Grab some candles or toothpicks, cupcake liners, and play-doh and start creating!! My kids loved singing Happy Birthday and my daughter had fun blowing out the pretend candles since her 2nd birthday is tomorrow!

2. Rip and Snip Cardboard Birthday Cake

Using some of our leftover fabric included in November's BabbaBox, glue, scissors, birthday streamers, cardstock, our fingers, and a piece of cardboard, we created our very own pretend birthday cake!

To make the cake she glued streamers and fabric scraps onto the cardboard. Then we used scissors to snip some candles and we ripped some flames out of red paper. We glued everything together and then did some pretend birthday play. My daughter loves candles, so we made more than just two. 

3. Birthday Cupcake Counting Play-doh Mats

My son loves the counting cakes at preschool, so we decided to make our own play-doh version.

First we printed off our birthday cake play-doh mats.
birthday cake play-doh mat 1-3
birthday cake play-doh mat 4-6
birthday cake play-doh mat 7-9

Next we laminated the mats and gathered our supplies.

Finally the kids got started sticking play-doh birthday cakes onto each circle and trying to put the correct number of candles on each cake too. My toddler worked on #1-3 and my preschooler practiced the harder numbers and then I gave him a few even harder challenges too!

They had a good time using other materials as candles (besides candles)- frosting tips, toothpicks, straws, etc.

We also sang Happy Birthday once again as we blew out candles. Kids LOVE to do birthday pretend play, even when it isn't their birthday, so these activities have been big hits day after day. 

If you want more birthday cake themed activities and crafts, check out a few of the awesome ones below:

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In addition to the book Froggy Bakes a Cake, our November BabbaBox had several other exciting baking themed activities...


  • Decorated our own recipe box with fabric scraps
  • Designed our own family tree apron
  • Did some pretend play baking with the cool baking tools we were sent
  • Tried out a few new recipes that were included in the box
  • Colored in some baking coloring pages
  • Connected online using the Cupcakeroo app 

The BabbaBox is well loved at our house and my kids are SO EXCITED when the green box arrives each month. These boxes have been extra appreciated this last month as I have been more tired and less creative than normal (with a new baby at our house).

If you want more time to connect with your kids... but don't have tons of time to be creative and come up with ideas, you will love the Babbabox!

Do you want to sign up for your own BabbaBox? You can get 20% off your membership order by entering this special code for Toddler Approved readers: TA20OFF 

Do you have any other fun cake themed or baking activities for me?? Please share them in the comments!! We love baking, especially during the holidays!

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  1. Hi. I tried to download the birthday cake play dough mats but when I click the download button nothing is happening for any of the downloads. Can you check to see if the problem is on your end or my end. Thanks. I always enjoy reading your posts because you have great simple activities.

  2. Hi. I tried to download the birthday cake play dough mats but when I click on the download button nothing happens. Can you check to see if the problem is on your end or my end. Thanks.

    1. Hi Pennie.
      Yes, it works fine for me. It downloads the file to a pdf which i can then print. You may have to have a scrobd account? If it still isn't working, just email me at toddlerapproved at gmail dot com and I can send you the file directly. Thanks

  3. Love that both of our little ones celebrating their second birthdays recently and these are great activities to recreate birthday fun for weeks. Thanks for sharing. You know we LOVE Babbaco Boxes!


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