Friday, October 5, 2012

Mess Free Pour Paint Rockets

In honor of World Space Week (and my son's current space obsession), we made some Mess Free Pour Paint Rockets this week.

These were really easy to make and perfect for little hands to hold and fly around!

Materials Needed:

  • washable non-toxic paint in a variety of colors
  • small water or soda bottle
  • stickers, markers, and other embellishments
  • (optional) glue gun
  • red/orange tissue paper
  • tape


  1. Clean out your water bottle. It is ok if a little bit of water stays inside. It makes the paint move a little easier. Too much water makes the paint not stick to the bottle as well though.
  2. Choose some paint colors and start pouring them through the top of the water/soda bottle. Our paint spouts and water bottle spouts were basically the same size, so they were easy to pour with. You could also use a funnel to help keep most of the paint inside the bottle.
  3. Put the top back on the bottle (use a glue gun to secure the top in place if your kids will try and open the top). Twist, shake, and move it until the paint coats all sides of the bottle! The colors continue changing as you fly your rocket around the house. 
  4. Snip some tissue paper strips and tape them to the bottom of the rocket for the fire/gases.
  5. Add any other details to your rocket using stickers, markers, etc. My son named his rocket "The American Rocket" and then wanted to make sure to include some pumpkin and USA flag stickers. You could even tape fins to the side if you want to make your rocket look more accurate.
Nasa Kid's Club has a fun rocket builder site for any rocket enthusiasts in addition to loads of rocket information and pictures. 

What other things about space do your kids like to learn about? 

Come share your favorite posts as part of the World Space Week Blog Hop hosted by Rainy Day Mum and several other bloggers who listed below.


  1. This rocket totally ROCKS!! I just shared it on my FB page. I think even my big boys would love it. There is something about watching paint slowly move and ooze together that is calming. This is awesome!

    1. You are too sweet. Thanks Kristen! I totally am loving watching the paint move around too. It still hasn't all turned brown either :) So fun! Thanks for sharing on your FB wall too!

  2. Great rocket! My son would love watching the paint swirl around as it blasted off to the moon.

  3. Wonderful, I love rockets and mess free is even better. I haven't done any paint pouring but I think we will have to do some very soon.


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