Monday, September 3, 2012

Fall Acorn Math Sticky Wall

One of our favorite activities this summer was our Seashore Sticky Wall. We finally took it down this past week after having it up for almost two months!

I love having easy and accessible activities for the kids up on my walls. This weekend we made a Fall tree using some tagboard and crayons. We stuck it up on our wall and covered it with contact paper (with the sticky side out) and then taped the contact paper in place.

Then we created and played with it all weekend! I'll be sharing some of the different Fall sticky wall activities over the next week or two.

The first activity we created was a Fall Acorn Math game.

Here's what we needed for Fall Acorn Math:

  • tagboard tree covered with contact paper (sticky side out)
  • 12 laminated cardstock acorns (I drew mine, but you could use this acorn template from Lakeshore if you aren't a fan of drawing) * They need to be laminated or else the paper will adhere to the sticky wall and will leave a residue when you pull them off each time.
  • set of dice

Here's how we played our Acorn Math Game:

  1. Roll the dice
  2. Add the two numbers together
  3. Collect that many laminated cardstock acorns from the floor and then stick them on the sticky wall!
  4. Double check that you counted correctly and put the right number of acorns on the tree
  5. If you were right, pull the laminated acorns off the sticky wall (parents may need to help younger kids with this) and let the acorns fall to the ground!
  6. Roll the dice and play again!
For littler kids you could just use one die to make it simpler OR use a colored dice and have each acorn be a different color.

Here are a few of our favorite acorn themed crafts and activities:

Do you have any favorite simple acorn activities you do with toddlers and/or preschoolers?

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  1. I found you via a list on Creative Family Fun. I love your collages...might be able to try some soon with my little guys. I'd love for you to share some of your fall crafts at our Fall Bucket List link-up. Happy to be a new follower!


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