Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Olympic Fun: Straw High Jump

This activity was my son's invention... so I had to share. As the Olympics are coming to a close we are still coming up with more and more Olympic themed activities... so today I decided to share two Camp Mom activities with you! If you missed our Straw Javelin Throw you can go here.

In addition to the Straw Javelin Throw we used some straws, scissors, pillows, and tape and made our own Straw High Jump.

I was actually impressed how well it actually held up.

Basically all we did was bend the ends of the straws together to fit them inside one another. Then we made some slits at the bottom to fan out the ends so that they could be taped to the floor. This seriously took just a few minutes. You can make it higher or lower by just removing a straw or two.

He didn't exactly use Olympic high jump form... but it was still pretty awesome. I put pillows all over the floor behind the high jump and made sure that they were deep/long enough so that however he chose to jump he would still land on pillows and not hit anything.

If you don't want to make a life sized high jump, then you can always make a small one and launch your little toys over it like we did for our Olympig! Animal Olympics Catapult over at Make and Takes.

** Remember, please use common sense with this activity. Your child's safety is your biggest priority. This activity needs adult supervision at all times.

Are you looking for any other Olympic themed activities? Here are all of the Camp Mom Olympic themed activities we've shared so far:

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