Thursday, August 9, 2012

"Hands Free" Ping Pong

The following post is from our kid's craft and activity contributor EJ:

Today I'm sharing one of our my family's favorite way to play ping pong - "hands free".  Nothing like the real version, yet simple enough for younger children to play.

All that you need by way of equipment is a ping pong ball and a table (kitchen table, card table, kids craft table, etc.).  You can play with as few as two players, or as many as will fit around your designated table.  If you have 4 (or more) players, it is fun to group players into teams.

All players must hold their hands behind their backs, and can only move the ball by blowing it.  Everyone is given a section of the table to defend, and tries to prevent the ping pong ball from falling off their designated section (without using their hands).

A point is given each time you successfully blow the ping pong ball off of your opponents side.  We usually play to 5, then take a break (so that no one hyperventilates).

Confession: I am horrible at this game because I'm always laughing too hard to generate any wind power. It's that fun(ny).

Have you watched any ping pong (aka table tennis) during the Olympics?

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  1. I used to play this game when I led the youth group at my church, only we used saltines. Whichever team lost each round, every member was given 60 seconds to eat a cracker - which is impossible. Crumbs would fly everywhere!


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