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2 Simple Recycled Pirate Crafts {August BabbaBox Activities}

This post is sponsored by BabbaCo by Jessica Kim!

We are very excited to be teaming up with BabbaCo to share a monthly summer series with you where we will feature book-related crafts and activities created exclusively to go along with the children's book included in each BabbaBox. 

The August BabbaBox that arrived last week was focused on a Reduce, Reuse, Recycle theme and included the book Look Out for Litter by Lisa Bullard along with several activities focused on creating and crafting with recycled materials.

My son's absolute favorite activity from this month's box was making our own recycled paper. The activity involved a lot of paper ripping and I was certain he wouldn't have the stamina to finish the project, but he did! He ripped paper and chatted with me forever! A few months ago he wouldn't have had the patience. 

Other activities in this month's box included...

  • exploring with recycled materials around your house using the makedo tool kit
  • connecting online and playing the Litterbug game!
  • reading Look Out for Litter and going on a litter hunt
  • creating your own reusable snack pouch with paint and stickers

As we got started reading Look Out for Litter we just knew we needed to do some pirate crafts and activities along with it!! Look out for Litter is an adorable book about a girl named Trina who hunts for litter in her pirate ship and teaches kids about litter, the problem with litter, and how to help make the earth cleaner! The picture book is broken down into three simple chapters and is chock full of information and little tips!

Here are two of the simple pirate crafts we created using recycled materials we had around the house:

1. Egg Carton Pirate Ship

Materials needed: egg carton, washable paint, wooden skewers, scissors, paper, markers, paintbrushes

  • My toddler is loving painting right now, so she got in on the action with this project. Both kids worked together to paint the inside and outside of the egg carton.

  • Then we cut two wooden skewers and stuck them into the egg carton after it dried.

  • Lastly, my son worked with his dad to create a masterpiece on a piece of recycled art paper and then they cut his masterpiece into sails and stuck them onto the skewers. You could even use the special BabbaCo recycled paper you made for your sails! 

2. Colorful Cardboard Telescope

Materials Needed: paper towel roll, colored paper, tape, hole punch, yarn, and stickers

Telescopes are a go-to craft project for the kids at our house because we almost always have some sort of roll lying around (toilet paper or paper towel).

For this craft you just cover the paper towel roll with colored paper, tape it in place, cover it with stickers and other creations, add some holes to the ends of the roll, and loop some string through to make a simple telescope that can hang around your neck.

Easy peasy! We love love love to make simple pirate crafts out of materials we have at our house! Once your telescope is created you can head outside and start hunting for litter around your neighborhood!

What are some of your other favorite pirate themed crafts?

What other recycled materials could you create with?

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of BabbaCo. BabbaCo will be compensating me for my monthly book-related craft and activity posts. All posts reflect my personal opinion and endorsement and are not swayed by compensation and/or free products. Please note that this post reflects my opinion and preferences and you might not share that same opinion.

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