Wednesday, August 29, 2012

13 Simple Learning Activities Using Balls

My son is a little bit obsessed with sports that use a ball. Right now he loves bocce ball... and he pretty much carries some type of ball around with him always. My daughter is starting to love them too.

Since we enjoy embedding learning into our day, a lot of our activities that teach simple skills also incorporate balls. I think it is great that they get my kids moving and learning at the same time!

Today I am excited to share 13 simple learning activities using balls with you! 

Click on the links below for more details!

Some of our blogging buddies have also come up with a few ways to learn with balls... so here are some of their ideas...

Do you have any other favorite learning activities you've tried using balls?

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  1. Love this list! Thanks for including a link to our preschool physics!


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