Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Simple Friendship Bracelet #readforgood

The Readathon 2012 theme for this week is Friendship.  Inspired by the theme, and knowing how much my daughter enjoys tying knots and laces, I knew that she'd love learning how to make a "friendship" bracelet.

While she is proficient in knot tying - I wasn't sure that she'd be able to manage several strands of thin embroidery floss (or how long her attention span would last) - so I made a few changes to the basic Chinese Staircase knot technique to make it easier for her.

We used a single piece of yarn instead of embroidery floss (because it is thicker and easier for small fingers to manage) and tied it around a shoelace (instead of several other pieces of yarn, which would be hard to keep from getting tangled).  We used a single color, however a simple way to make the bracelet multi colored would be to use variegated yarn.

[Using the clipboard is optional - but I found it works the best to keep the bracelet in place/secure while tying knots.]

Tie a series of knots using the Chinese Staircase technique until bracelet reaches desired length:

When finished, cut off remaining yarn/lace and tie ends together to form a bracelet.


Share it with a special friend.


Two fun books we're reading to go along with the "Friendship" theme:

How Do Dinosaurs Play with Their Friends? by Jane Yolen & Mark Teague

Ladybug Girl and the Bug Squad by Jacky Davis & David Soman

As well as this ebook:
StickFiggy Makes a Friend by Jane Marshall
(one of the Readathon 2012, free ebooks, available on MeMeTales)

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  1. Cute! I wouldn't have thought of doing a friendship bracelet, although I remember making the beaded version as a kid.

  2. Great idea for a simple friendship bracelet. Will need to try this with my daughter. Great way to teach knot tying and strengthen fine motor skills!

    My daughter loves the Ladybug Girl books too!


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