Monday, June 18, 2012

MemeTales Readathon 2012 #readforgood

As I mentioned on Friday, I am participating with MeMeTales and PBS Kids in Readathon 2012!

Join Readathon 2012

The Readathon starts today (along with my Summer Virtual Book Club!). We are planning to have a busy summer reading at our house!!

Click here to learn about how you can participate in Readathon 2012 in more detail.

The basic summary is that you...

  1. Sign up for a MeMeTales account and download the app
  2. Download a new book each week to read
  3. Earn stickers and print off a certificate each week as you read
  4. Share any book-related activities you do (I'll be posting several that you can try and so will several of my blogging friends)
  5. Participate for six weeks and fill your summer with reading!!

Here are the weekly themes for the next six weeks:

Week 1 – Animal Fun
Week 2 – Friendship
Week 3 - Character Development
Week 4 – Imagination
Week 5 – The Green earth
Week 6 – Global Cultures

This week some of the free books are...

The Five Little Ducklings- an illustrated rhyme to teach kids about counting.
The Donkey and the Wolf- a simple illustrated version of Aesop's fable that teaches kids to be true to themselves.

MeMeTales will also offer a curriculum package each week with activity extensions for the themes. These will be exclusive to readathon participants. You can access these by signing up for a MeMeTales account.

Also, for every child that signs up for the Readathon, MeMeTales is teaming up with to send a hungry child to school for a day! 

Combat the summer slide and have fun reading together with your kids! I hope you will take this challenge and participate with us!!

Disclaimer: Due to my participation in the Readathon 2012, I am receiving the featured books for free from MeMeTales. In exchange, I will be sharing book inspired, fun activities with you each week! 

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