Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cool Math Activities for Kids: Stroller Number Fun

Occasionally we come up with a genius activity at our house... which means it is one that BOTH kids love and is a hit for hours again and again!

A few weeks ago my neighbor gave us some of her baby dolls and toys. My kids now each have a pink stroller and they spend loads of time racing their cabbage patch dolls around the house in their strollers. My son is constantly making up new games for them that involve running and chasing (something I allow my kids to do in certain parts of our house).

Since my little guy is really interested in numbers and counting, we decided to create some stroller races that involved counting, number recognition, and addition. 

We grabbed a tub of our ball pit balls and brought them to our racing area. I marked off the start and finish line, grabbed some paper plates and stuck some numbered notecards on them, and then placed them at the finish line.

Then we got started with the game!

Each child got their own plate with a number on it. My toddler got simple numbers (1-3) and my son had harder numbers (6+).

They had to look at the number on their plate, fill up their stroller with that many balls (I helped my toddler of course!), and then race down to fill up their plate with the correct number of balls!

Once their plates were filled, we counted the balls, made sure they had the right number, and then put them back in the strollers and raced back and put them in their tub... and then we started all over again!

As the game progressed, I made it trickier for my son by adding two numbers to his plate. He had to add them together and then put the sum of the two numbers on his plate.

Sometimes he needed more than one stroller to get them there... so he got creative! His little sister loved helping him!

This was such a great movement activity that also encouraged learning- our favorite sort of activity!!!

I think we will be using this activity to teach a variety of other learning skills because it was SO FUN!

Do you have any movement activities you do that embed learning skills? We had a blast with last week's Quiet Cricket Bug Olympics movement activities too!

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  1. that's brilliant! i love taking ideas that are already fun to kiddos and adding a bit of learning in :)

  2. What a great way to get the kids moving and work math in. Thank you for a great idea!

  3. Wonderful idea! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Very creative! I too look for ways to challenge our grand children with physical & intellectual games & crafts etc. We will definitely use this one. Thanks you so much!!!


  5. What a lovely idea! Thank you!

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks Anne-Marie! What a sweet thing to say

  7. wow ur super creative. thanx loads. I was looking for just such an activity for my 4 year old whose a little weak in numbers. thanx again.

    P.S. very adorable little ones u must be a proud mommy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. wow! This stroller is beautiful!


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