Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cooking With Mom: Bullseyes for Breakfast

Whenever we stayed over at our grandma's house she would always take requests for breakfast.  Bulleyes were one of her specialties.  Although I still can't make them quite like she does, I will make them for the kids to break up our morning breakfast routine - and for some reason, a little boy that lives here seems more willing to try food if it has a "shock factor" name attached to it.  

Here's how we make our "bullseyes":  
[The kids help with the prep work, I do the cooking]

Cut a circle out of a piece of bread (we normally use a small cup).  Remove the circle you just cut out and place in toaster (or eat as a snack while you're waiting - this is what my kids normally do).

Melt some butter in a pan - use some of it to butter both sides of the hole-y bread, and the rest to prevent burning, then place bread in pan.  Crack an egg in each hole.  Flip once and cook until the eggs reach desired done-ness.

Serve with your mini toasted bullseyes

And enjoy!

Do you make these in your household?  Do you call them a different name?  

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  1. These look really cute and I do think that children will eat more things if they are presented in fun ways. Neither of mine eat eggs so I will have to try this.

  2. Ours are called eggs in a basket. I fry the little cut out in butter and s/p right along with the big piece of bread and's my favorite part! :-)

  3. My kids love them! We call them eggy in a blanky!

  4. I learned how to make these at a friends house as a kid and still make them now. We call them 'moon bread' lol

  5. I've heard them be called "One-Eyed Saliors" or "Popeye eggs" . Such a fun meal :]

  6. We call them eggs in a basket...yummI also put butter in the cut out part ..

  7. We call them eggs in a basket! I also put a slice of cheese on top after I've flipped it! Makes it super yummy!

  8. We call them "One Eyed Egyptians".

  9. Really good with Steakums. We call them eggs in a basket too.

  10. When I was a little girl in Minnesota we called them One Eyed Sandwich.

  11. I learn your blog from a group on facebook I ask the mom -who is the groups owner- "where did you find the activitys on your group" and she send me your link. Im so happy to learn this blog I'm from Turkey you've spread the world.


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