Friday, June 8, 2012

Bubbles and Hopping {Kid's Co-op}

We have been having a great time creating some Father's Day gifts for my husband this week. I'll be sharing them over at Life Your Way next week. My son also came home from preschool with a secret present for my husband that I can't wait to see next Sunday.

Have your kids made anything yet?

We have also had a crazy week as I...
  • recovered from our trip to Monterey and caught up on laundry and cleaning... and more laundry
  • preschool ended and I scrambled to finish gifts 
  • helped throw a really fun baby shower for a friend 
  • woke up at the crack of down for boot camp with friends several days
  • started panicking about our trip to Hawaii and worrying my kids didn't have enough summer clothes so I did some shopping. As evidenced below... I think my daughter has enough dresses to make the trip now. ;)

... and I did several other things that were less interesting (a gazillion trips to Target, carpooled kids to activities, enjoyed the last week of gymnastics, swimming, and baseball, and stayed up too late every night!)

Have you been up to anything fun? Is school out yet? Any awesome vacations planned?

Today I am super excited to be hosting Kid's Co-op! Since my husband and I both love moving and bubbles at our house, today I am going to share three of my favorite posts from last week's link up that I think my husband would LOVE to do with our kids (in honor of the upcoming Father's Day holiday)! All of them include moving and bubbles too!

Lily Pad Hopping via Cheerios and Lattes
We love activities that tire our kids out and keep them moving!

Clubhouse Bubbles, Just Exhale via Fit Kids Clubhouse 
This is a great workout for your lungs... and at our house, bubble making = lots of running to pot them!

Bubble Pool via Plain Vanilla Mom
I LOVE this! My kids would too. We'll need to try this soon.

What are your husband's favorite things to do with your kids? (or if you're a dad, what do you love to do with your kids?)

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