Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Oreo Asteroids... an out of this world ice cream treat!

One of the items that arrived in our BabbaBox last week was the book Twinkle, Star of the Week by Joan Holub. 

One of the things that I mentioned in my BabbaBox review post is that the box inspired us to investigate, explore, and create... even more! 

We love new books and Twinkle, Star of the Week is a book about a little star's journey to figure out what special talent she has to share when it is her turn to be "star of the week." One of Twinkle's classmates (Blaze) makes asteroid cookies for his talent. Once we read that my son said that we should make our own asteroid cookies using the double chocolate oreos we had in our kitchen! 

I LOVED that idea (mostly because I am pregnant and currently addicted to anything using double chocolate oreos). I also love it when my son makes connections while we are reading... especially when they are yummy :)

So, here's what we came up with once we got into the kitchen. If you like chocolate, I guarantee you will want to go and make these right now. Yum!

Materials needed for oreo asteroids:
  • muffin tin liners
  • chocolate ice cream
  • double chocolate oreos (or just plain ones... or you could try peanut butter ones?)
  • ice cream scooper
  • can or rolling pin for crushing
  • ziploc bag (to help contain the mess)
  • plate

Directions to make oreo asteroids:

1. Put some oreos in a ziploc bag, get the air out of it, and seal it.

2. Use a can to mash the oreos until they are crushed!! This is so fun!

3. Spread the crushed oreos out onto a plate.

4. Scoop ice cream and form it into small (or large) asteroid balls.

5. Roll the asteroid ice cream balls in the crushed oreos until they are covered.

6. Drop each one into a muffin tin liner and stick them in the freezer! These are perfect single treat servings to enjoy all summer long... or in our case, all day long... since they were gone quickly!

This little dude inhaled his oreo asteroid and loved making a big mess!

Asteroids are made of rock... so the crushed oreos were a perfect choice. They can also be a variety of sizes, so your kids can make small oreo asteroids and giant ones! :) Some asteroids are also made of ice, so the ice cream is also a nice touch. 

If you don't like chocolate, you could also try this with vanilla ice cream and the non-chocolatey oreos or another sort of cookie.

If your kids are interested in space, below is one of our favorite all time videos about space and the planets by They Might Be Giants. Science is ten times more fun when you can sing about it.

Do you have any other space or science themed treats that you've created?

Do you have any out of this world space books you'd recommend that we read?

If you missed my BabbaBox post, make sure you head over and read it. Don't miss out on the awesome Summer Survival Kit deal that I shared. I already bought our summer pack and I can't wait for it to arrive in a few weeks!


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