Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Mother's Day Gift... to you

Happy almost Mother's Day to those of you that are mothers, grandmothers, soon to be mothers, or mothers at heart! I think you are spectacular!

As my Mother's Day gift to you, I wanted to pass along a few of my favorite inspirational posts that I've discovered lately or that I think I deserve a good re-read.

The first link, Don't Carpe Diem, is among one of my favorite blog posts I've read in awhile. The others are great posts about things that I need to work on... or needed reminders about. This Mother's Day I challenge you to keep being the awesome mom that you already are and set a goal to be an even better one by this time next year. Hopefully these posts below and many others that I share this next year will help you with that challenge.

My goal for the next year is to be more present and intentional as a parent. There's a lot for me to do all wrapped up in my simple goal.

What is your goal? 
What do you want to be better at or do more of as a parent this year?

If you don't have any ideas yet, these posts below might inspire you. Enjoy!

Don't Carpe Diem via Momastery

Setting Limits with Toddlers via Janet Lansbury

How to Miss a Childhood via Hands Free Mama

Overnight Success: How to Be a More Patient Mom via Life Your Way

Have a wonderful weekend and a Happy Mother's Day! I am excited to be spending the weekend visiting with both my mom and mother-in-law. Today I'm running a 5K with my mom and my siblings and doing lots of shopping. Happy Mother's Day to me, right? :) I have a feeling we'll be eating a lot of treats too. Should be a fabulous day. 

I'll see you back on Monday!

Posts we contributed in other places this week:

Book Spotlight: Do you ever wish your kids liked vegetables a bit more?

Children's author Sahar Bergis has written an adorable book called Lili's Strawberry House that teaches kids about vegetables. We have been using it to get my son excited about eating his veggies! Next week we'll be sharing a few book related activities with you! If you haven't seen the book before, you can check out more information here.

Did You Know? 
Starting June 1st we will be sharing a monthly Toddler Approved newsletter filled with more awesome activities for kids, parenting tips and tools, and other great resources. You can sign up on the blog's sidebar or click the link here to sign up.

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