Thursday, May 10, 2012

Library Book Storage Solutions

Source: via Eejaye on Pinterest

We rarely leave the library without a sizable stack of books.  Hard as I try, once the due date rolls around, there is always one stray book that I am scrambling to find as we're running out the door (luckily, our library only fines overdue movies).

I'm looking for library book storage solutions (and suggestions from you readers) to make our library book due dates a lot little less stressful.

Below are a few of my favorite possibilities:

On my "to do" list is this idea from See Rebecca Sew who transformed a thrifted magazine rack into the above finished product - with a fresh coat of paint, and a painted on chalkboard label (my favorite touch) where you can conveniently see and change the due date.  

You could easily paint a chalkboard label on any type of box/tub/rack to turn it into your library book storage bin - better yet, did you know that you can buy chalkboard contact paper and chalkboard labels?  

I LOVE this library style bookshelf as seen on Apartment Therapy.  Can you believe it was made from an old drawer?  Simply repainted it, and added legs.  I love this "method" or storing books, much easier for little hands to put away than "bookshelf" style.

Of course, designating a specific bag for library books can be a simple way to keep them in one place (and also eliminates the balancing act when you're carrying a stack to the car).  I remember my mom sewing library bags for all 6 kids in my family one summer . . . I wish I still had mine.

Holly from Chez Beeper Bebe created this over sized bag (and also provided step by step instructions on how to make it here).  My favorite touch on this bag is the pocket to hold your library card!

Lulu's Tiles shows how to personalize a pre-made canvas bag, and also includes instructions on how to attach a clear vinyl pocket (which will hold your library receipt/due date slip).  I've used this tutorial to make library bags as birthday gifts.

And this one . . . I think it would make my day to see someone carrying it around, or at least bring a smile to my face . . . might just have to make it for myself.

How do you keep your library books in order?  Do you have a specific spot for them?  What is your system for getting them back on time?


  1. I have to say the chalboard label one is my favorite! All super ideas! Thanks for shaing:)

  2. That last one is funny! I like the chalkboard idea, too, but I think that it would get erased by my little ones. Would love to hear all the solutions you get from everyone because I don't know what to do without those old-fashioned stamped cards in the front!

  3. We try to keep our library books on an end table in the living room that is the "library book table." It would be a good idea to use a magnet to keep the date due receipt on the fridge, but I never remember to do that. Some people have a milk crate where they keep their library books. I also try to check my library account often to doublecheck what books are due soon.

    The "big books" book bag made me laugh. I work in a library so carry my book bag to work with me every day - I prefer not to admit how many days a week I end up checking out something that caught my eye.

  4. I have a bag. And I put the due date on my google-calendar. They don't stay in the bag once we get home though - because what a pain. At home we have a regular book shelf (or 4) for all of the books that are "ours". And I used the "Ikea spice rack as a bookshelf" idea for library books. They are mounted above my kid's bed for easy access & coolness factor. :)

  5. I use a canvas bag. When my son and I are done looking at a book it goes back in the bag so there are no strays. When they get checked out I immediately enter the due date as a reminder on my phone calendar.


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