Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Blog Share- Spring Break Edition

I'd have to say, the highlight of our Spring Break was looking for worms and bird watching.

For once I didn't plan any big events or excursions and it was perfect. The kids were delighted with wearing pajamas for half the day, jumping in puddles, going to my sister's lacrosse game, playing hide-and-seek, and shooting marshmallows all around the house with a marshmallow shooter gun.

My son and I also got to have a mommy & me date to his friend's birthday party. Liz of Made on Maple threw a raging 4-year-old party and we were so stoked to be invited! Many of you know Liz from her blog and her amazing 100 Acts of Kindness Heart Attack challenge that she shared with us back in February. She's a super crafty and creative mom and made every party goer a birthday shirt to take home... plus she made a bunch of pvc pipe marshmallow shooters for the kids to explore. My son wouldn't even put the shooter down to take a picture with the birthday boy. What an awesome party!

Did you have spring break last week or anytime recently? What did you do?

I can already tell I'm going to have a hard time recovering from the laziness we experienced last week!

To get us off on the right start for next week, I wanted to share a few favorite posts with you. If you have a favorite post from the week that you created, please share it in the comments or as part of our Kid's Co-op Linky. I love seeing all the awesome things you have to share!

First off, if you haven't read my Super Mom Debunked post yet... head on over. The comments that readers have been leaving have been so inspirational! I love learning from so many of you!

Creative with Kids shared a post called The Truth about Crafting with Kids this week that is a must-read for all of you crafty people.

Red Ted Art is starting a Kids Get Arty series and is going to be introducing her kids to the Great Artists. I will definitely be joining in!

Mandi at Life Your Way is counting down to her 30th birthday by featuring 30 posts of 30! I especially have loved her 30 Awesome Kids Apps for the iPad post and her 30 Ways to be more productive post.

Lil Blue Boo has a great spring cleaning series going on. I am hoping that by reading the posts I will soon get motivated to start spring cleaning. This Mother-of-all Spring Cleaning Lists is fabulous.

Have you been inspired by any posts this week? Please share them!


  1. Yay a great Spring Break round up! Love it!

    Thank you so much for the mention! And sooo pleased you will join in Kids Get Arty! :-) Hooray!


  2. Thank you for the wonderful list of posts to explore.


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