Friday, April 20, 2012

Save the Earth Board Game and Kid's Co-op Linky!

Welcome to the Friday Kid's Co-op Linky! Today I am excited to share a Giant Earth Day game we created this week with you. It has been a huge hit with my kids because it is fun and also teaches about taking care of the Earth. 

Materials Needed:
  • colored cardstock
  • Save the Earth board game pieces
  • Markers (to draw your pictures)
  • lamination paper or a laminator (so you can keep this for awhile)
  • painters tape to stick the game board pieces to your floor
  • a large die


  1. Print out your game pieces onto different colored cardstock
  2. Draw your pictures to go along with each game piece (mine were terrible... you can all do better)
  3. Laminate your pieces
  4. Tape them to the floor
  5. Start playing!!
  • Roll the die 
  • Move forward however many spaces it says
  • Read the card you land on and do the activity or the action it says
  • Stay on whatever you card you land until your next turn

This activity combines just basic reminders about recycling and helping the Earth to stay healthy along with a few fun Earth-friendly activities. Some cards ask you to do an activity... like sort through your toys and find a few to donate or play a recycling toss game. We have played this game several times this week, including once as a family on Monday night.

Everyone had a great time!

You can download my version of the board game pieces here or just make your own.

The activities suggested in the game include...
  • Play a recycling toss game
  • Make an Earth Day Craft project. We made Earth Day stenciled towels!
  • Go outside and pick up trash
  • Sort through your toys and donate a few you don't need/use
  • Sing a song about the Earth... or make up your own?
  • Go on a hunt around your house for materials you can recycle
  • Go outside and enjoy the Earth! Go on a nature walk!
  • Make a special snack to celebrate Earth day. 

Do you have any other activities you'd add to our list?
How are you celebrating Earth Day?

Do you have a favorite activity you'd done this week? Come share it as part of the Kid's Co-op Linky! We'd love to feature you next week!

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  1. Happy Earth Day, Kristina! I love your giant Save the Earth Game! I featured it as the Free Printable of the Day at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page:


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