Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mom Project: Fabric & Felt Nesting Eggs

My mom sent an Easter package containing some eggs and decorations from my childhood - the kids have LOVED playing with (and sometimes fighting over) them, especially the wooden "nesting egg" set.  They love the surprise of finding something smaller inside of each egg, but sometimes have trouble opening them up  - hence the birth of the following idea:

All that you need is a sewing machine, 1 piece of felt, the nesting eggs template, some fabric scraps and about 20 minutes of uninterrupted time (probably the most difficult part of the whole process).  

Cut out a piece of fabric and felt for each nesting egg (using the nesting eggs template pattern).  Pin matching pieces of fabric and felt together.

Turn "pinned" egg over, and cut across/through the felt only - this will be your opening.  I cut zig zags to give the look of a cracked egg, but a straight line will also work.  Again - be sure to not cut through the fabric backing the felt.

Sew around the border of the egg, as close as you can to the edge - while making sure you are catching both the fabric and felt in the seam.  Trim the edges, and you're done!

The kids had so much fun "un-nesting" and "re-nesting" these eggs.  We would take turns placing different objects or treats in the smallest egg (and of course, acting surprised when we found what was inside).  


  1. Love this! Wonder if I could find sometime before Sunday... sigh. Could you just do two different fabrics or is there a reason to use the felt for one of the fabrics?

    1. Becky - You could just use two different fabrics. The reason I used felt on one side is to give the eggs a little stiffness, and mainly because it doesn't fray. If you do use strictly fabric, I'd recommend cutting with pinking shears to minimize the fraying. Hope you're able to find some time to make these :)

  2. What a fantastic idea! I'm also thinking they could be fun to adapt to geometric shapes too with my toddler... Such a neat way to reinforce the concept of "smaller" and "bigger"!

  3. Love it- thanks! I added a little chick in the middle using a template I found on Google images as well. Thanks for the neat idea.

  4. Stopping by via the Kids Co-op and have to say I love the idea but really, really love the gorgeous fabrics you used!

  5. Loved these so much I tried them myself with some slight variation... Thanks for sharing the idea...

  6. Thanks very much about all these ideas and method to activate our kids. .really god bless you


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