Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tape Eggs

This is a seriously simple activity... which are the best sort of activities, right?

I hosted Mommy and Me Book Club at my house this morning. Typically I am very organized, but last week was a crazy week, so I didn't start planning our activities until about midnight last night/this morning. 

Over the next little bit I'll share many of the different things we did during our book club time, but I thought I'd space them out in a few posts instead of overwhelming you with all the different activities in one post.

Tape eggs are simple and the kids loved them. 

Skills we worked on were ripping, tearing, and snipping!

Materials Needed:
  • egg print out (I got mine here
  • colored tape. We used painter's tape, electrical tape, and masking tape
  • scissors

Tell the kids to rip, snip, tear, and stick the tape on their eggs! You will love all the different ways that they create designs!

If you have time (we did not), cut out the eggs and then string them all on some ribbon and make a tape egg garland or some sort of other cute spring decoration for your home!

This week for book club we read There Was An Old LadyWho Swallowed a Chick by Lucille Colandro. It was funny and silly and the kids loved it. I'll share some other egg, chick, and bunny related activities later this week. We did this tape egg project as a gathering activity while we were waiting for everyone to arrive.

Another tape activity you could try that would be fun with a small group would be No Time for Flashcard's Spring Mural.

Need some other egg ideas? Check out Egg Week over at Tinkerlab and The Chocolate Muffin Tree. They are posting egg themed activities all week long!

If you like the idea of a Mommy and Me Book Club, make sure to check out our upcoming Virtual Book Club for Kids! You are all invited to join us! 

You can check out our past Mommy and Me Book Club activities here:
February- (skipped because we had a Valentine's Day party instead)


  1. Such a simple but super cute ideas for those little fingers to manipulate! Thanks for sharing! We love Mommy and Me Book Club and have had much success with our over the years.

  2. Love the tape eggs!! We did a tape resist egg painting:)

  3. Such a fab idea, wonder if my hardware store will become suspicious if I say i need enough tape for 18 children LOL


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