Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Mom Wish List

Today I was a guest blogger over on Cachey Mama's Classroom. Each Wednesday Lori invites a different blogger over to share items on their "wish list."

I have been reading Amanda Morgan's book, Parenting with Positive Guidance so I decided to reflect less on the material items on my wish list and more on my personal mom wish list... you know, the list of things I wish I was better at as a mom? 

I have a whole new list after just reading the first chapter of Amanda's book.

So... I have a really long list now, but part of it is below...

I wish for a mom who... 

  • says yes every time that I ask her to come play with me
  • looks for the good in me each day and then teaches me to DO good through her example
  • allows me the independence I need to grow and learn on my own
  • has high expectations for me but loves me despite any silly mistakes that I make
  • always listens when I am talking and pays attention to me (doesn't multi-task while we are talking) 

What else would you add?

What would your kids add to their mom wish list?

PS- Isn't this photo of my daughter precious? She was playing peekaboo with me the other afternoon and I managed to snap a photo.

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