Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Easter Egg Virtual Book Club & Blog Hop

Welcome to our first ever Virtual Book Club for Kids blog hop!!

This month we all read The Easter Egg by Jan Brett and then did an activity, craft, or some sort of other project that related to the book. 

At the bottom of this post is a Blog Hop where you can link up your Virtual Book Club post so that everyone else can stop by to check it out. If you don't have a blog and are participating, just tell us about the fun things you did related to to the book in the comments... or pop on over to my Facebook page and share any photos you have. I have also created a Virtual Kids Book Club Pinterest Board where I can pin all of your awesome ideas to share with others! I will also be sharing your posts on my Facebook page all week long.

The Blog Hop is open from today (March 28) to Easter Sunday (April 8th), so if your post isn't done yet, don't worry, you have over a week to link it up!

Today for her Book Club post, EJ (my co-blogger) is sharing a simple flannel board game that she created to go along with Jan Brett's book The Easter Egg. It is called, "Which egg did the Easter Bunny pick?" Check out her instructions below so that you can make your own!

Flannel Board Game: Which Egg did the Easter Bunny Pick?

 Materials Needed:

I printed out this image of the Easter Bunny (from Jan Brett's homepage) on cardstock, cut out the image and then put a large piece of sticky back felt on the opposite side (so that it would adhere to our flannel board). Next I glued a small square of felt to the Easter Bunny's hands - to look like he was hiding something underneath. Then cut several different colored eggs out of felt.

To play the game:
First, select one child to be "it" and have them leave the room (or close their eyes). Choose another child to be the "Easter Bunny" - they will then select an egg to hide under the square of felt. When the person who is "it" returns, they must guess what color egg the "Easter Bunny" has selected.

This game is not only fun, but also teaches simple language skills, turn taking skills, and helps kids to give their memory a workout!

Now it is your turn, come show us what you created as you read and explored Jan Brett's book!

Welcome to the March Virtual Book Club Blog Hop hosted by Toddler Approved! Come link up your Virtual Book Club posts below and then feel free to click on other links and see what everyone else came up with. Bloggers love comments, so if you have a moment, make sure to stop by a few of the posts and take a second to share what you like about the idea!


  1. I love this idea and so wished there were more mums where I lived that would be interested in a real life mommy and me book club. Thank you for organising and inviting us all to join in.

  2. Flannel is such fun to work with. I love this idea!

  3. Hi There :) Just wanted to say we loved participating in this Virtual Book Club. Thanks for hosting. Hope you decide to do it again next month!

  4. I love that game. So appropriate for preschoolers! I also love that Jan Brett makes so much of her art printable on her site! It's so generous of her and allows for so many learning extensions for her books.

  5. Love all these ideas! We are big fans of book clubs too. We just found a few adorable videos of Jan Brett about creating The Easter Egg Book with real animals and also how she draws a Rabbit. I shared them on our page too. The kids will love it! Now we're off to go make some Bunny Bread that we shared on our site yesterday. http://theeducatorsspinonit.blogspot.com/2012/03/love-books-easter-egg-by-jan-brett.html

  6. What a great activity to go with the book! Our librarian used to play a similar game with the kids at story time, and the kids LOVED it.

    So glad to participate in the book club this month, and I hope we do it again next month.

  7. i love that game... its really funny..Book of Ra

  8. Love the Flannel Board game and we really enjoyed the book! Sorry I was unable to post in the week. We made Easter egg tulips! Do check out our post!


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