Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine's Day Card Round Up

Last year I somehow managed to escape making a lot of valentines because we were out of town. This year we are home and my son has to make 33 valentines to bring to preschool on Tuesday. Eeek! So, I'm sure you are wondering what his crafty mom has helped him come up with... right? Can you believe I don't know yet?! Pinterest has made it incredibly hard for me to make a decision and my son doesn't have a preference, so I'm interested to see what we come up with. Life has been so busy that making valentines has been last on the to-do list. I threw a couples Valentine's Day party last night with twelve of our favorite couples... so if my husband and I were sending out valentines this year, this would be ours ;)

Since I've been doing a lot of pinning in a procrastinating panic, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite simple ideas that could be used for valentines for kids. If we have to make 33 cards... they need to be super easy. If you have any other simple favorites, I would love you to share them in the comments.

Punched Dot Cards via Michele Made Me
(love how simple these are)

Love Bomb Craft via No Time for Flashcards
(this could easily be adapted for cards... we've already tried this once just for fun... so I'm sure my little guy would love to do them again for his cards... maybe we could do 33 all at once? :)

I give you my Heart Cards via Smashed Peas and Carrots
(I think this is super cute. I am sad my little guy can't bring treats to school. I toyed with the idea of making crayon hearts instead... but I don't feel like making them. Any other heart ideas I could stick on?)

Butterfly Valentine via Skip to My Lou
(The free printable here is also awesome. We may just make some of these for neighbors, since we can't do candy at school. They are so cute and I have a lot of lollipops!)

Heart-stamped Valentine's via My Creative Family
(These were featured in The Heart Project and I stare at them all the time. They are so simple and beautiful.   I have been saving toilet paper rolls so we can try this tomorrow)

Did you get any new ideas? I need to figure out how to do a combination of all five projects.

What have you made already with your kids? 
Are you a procrastinator like me? Or indecisive like me?
I hate it, but always get my best ideas at the complete last minute. Ugh!

Stay tuned for our final Kindness round up that will be shared later today (Sunday). Have a great day!


  1. We made the butterfly ones for Madeline's class the other day and they were super easy!

    1. They are so cute! Wish we could do lollipops at Andrew's preschool!

  2. What a super cute picture of you and your hubby!

    We've made a few different types of cards this year,
    we made butterflies with heart stamps
    pea pods with buttons
    dot painted berries
    and watercolor hearts

    I'm pinning all the ideas in your post for next year! :)

    1. so many good ideas Aleacia. Thank you!! Pinning them too

  3. Thank you for including our heart-stamped cards! I'm so glad you liked them so much. They were so easy and so much fun to do!

  4. I usually wait until the night before, but you inspired me to do it a day early! I just took a picture of my kids holding out their hand, and I'm going to do the lollipop version of the kid holding the candy.

    Laura (Come Together Kids)

    1. Ooo, so glad I could help Laura :) I want to see a pic when they are done. That is such an adorable idea. Maybe I'll try it with a heart shaped eraser or have them holding a V-day pencil? Candy is so much more fun though.

  5. We have made two different ones, this one: that has three different techniques per card and also this one: that is quick and easy :)

  6. Such cute ideas! We (and by we I mean mostly me) made owl Valentine's this year! And I got them in the mail on time! :)

    1. Good work. The fact that you mailed anything is impressive to me. If I was mailing anything it would be a month late!

  7. I took George's picture today to do the "This Valentine's Day I give you my heart!" Thanks, as always, for the great idea!!


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