Friday, February 3, 2012

Stylish Kindness for the Birds {via AngeliqueFelix}

We are spreading kindness this month through our 100 Acts of Kindness project. We are challenging our readers to perform 100 acts of kindness between Jan 16th and Feb 14th. You can read more about our kindness challenge here. Many of our blogging friends have joined the challenge and will be sharing ways that you can spread kindness here and on their blogs. Today we have Angelique from The Magic of Play as our guest blogger. She is sharing one of the ways that we can be kind to animals!! Angelique is blogging all the way from Italy!

These birds got some stylish kindness today ! 


With this post Chanel and I are saying YES to the 100 Acts of Kindness project by Toddler Aproved.
Being kind to animals, your own pets, or those living around us in nature, is a sign of respect for other life forms. 

Let's be kind to the beauty of mother nature!

Just a few months ago - As a celebration for the World Animal Day- I organized a bloghop for Children and Animal related crafts and activities. There were some beautiful thoughts on how to bring kids and animals closer. One of my favorite quotes was this one: 
"Until one has loved an animal, ones soul remains unawakenend." ~ Anatol France
I am very pleased with the fact that Chanel, my daughter, loves the company of animals. She was present when our Jack Russell terrier had 6 pups and learned how to treat these tiny creatures with tenderness (NOT easy when you are 3). You can see some of these cute and kind pictures HERE.

Chanel dreams of flying, and since she practices daily how to fly,  she studies birds, (flying) insects and butterflies....

That's how the idea was born to make a cool birdhouse.

She wanted to craft loving kindness in a small shelter for the birds of Lecco where they would find some good food inside.
The Food

You will need:
Lard - Butter (let if cool off in the freezer, we used these cute shapes for that); seeds & cornflakes (crushed in a bag).

- When the lard gets hard, put it in the crushed seed-bag, shake it, and voilĂ  your birdfood is done! We also put peanut butter on a loo roll (toilet paper roll) and proceeded as above. To finish the meal we've also put toasted (fresh) bread on a long tooth pick.

The Birdhouse

You will need:
An empty juice or milk carton, drawings, stickers or anything else that you think makes a nice decoration.

- Decorate your carton with drawings, paintings, stickers, or whatever else you want and then go outside!

- Hang the birdhouse and bird food somewhere the birds can find it and enjoy it! 

After we made the creations we were excited to see how the birds would react. 

Bird! Please be KIND to your friends. The house belongs to everybody! :)

Angelique Felix is the most favorite toy of her daughter Chanel! Besides this she creates safe spaces where parents can play with their children (0-6 years old); where children learn in a FUN way; where adults encounter their inner child. Angelique is a Certified Infant Massage Instructor (International Association of Infant Massage). More information can be found > - The Magic Of Play.

Thank you Angelique! I know my daughter will love this since she looks for any and every opportunity to get close to birds and animals!! Make sure to stop by and check out her post about World Animal Day. I'll bet there are tons of ideas on her bloghop for how we can be kind to animals. 

What is something kind that you have done for an animal lately?

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Also, have you donated to The Heart Project yet? As our ultimate kind act we are trying to raise over $2,000 for the American Heart Association by February 14th. I actually think that we can raise more than that... since we raised a $1,000 in just one day. We'd love to give you our free ebook filled with 100 + heart projects for kids when you donate. Go check it out!


  1. Wonderful idea! Most of the seagulls in our area get french fries, so this is a much kinder alternative :-)

  2. I'm loving this project, and all the reminders to live a life full of kindness toward others (and animals)!!


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