Saturday, February 25, 2012

Printing with Legos

Today is my son's 4th birthday!! I cannot believe he is that old! We are celebrating with several small parties to keep things less overwhelming (church friends, neighborhood friends, and family party). 

Today we have a Lego party with friends from church. I have several activities/projects we're going to try... so I thought I'd share one of them with you today. I feel like with all the ideas running around in my brain right now we could do a whole Lego themed month!

My son and I tried this activity out earlier this week and he loved it. Hopefully his friends do too. Lego printing is super simple and just requires materials you probably already have around the house.

Materials We Used: play-doh, Legos (duplo are our favorites), rolling pin, and something to cut with

We printed with the Legos and first attempted to create our own play-doh Legos.

We used our little knife to make the edges straight. We talked about how some Legos are thick and some are thin... and some are long and others are short. We talked about the colors we saw and the shapes we made too!

Then we stacked them and tried to build some towers.

Then we just explored. We used the fronts and backs of the Legos to see how they printed and talked about how they made different designs.

Have you ever printed with Legos?

What other unique tools do you like to use for play-doh printing?

If you love Legos, head on over to Quirky Momma to see the DIY Lego Instruction Book that I shared this week. I am one of the new weekly contributors at Quirky Momma. I'll be posting every Monday morning... so definitely also stop by this week to see the fun activity I will be sharing!


  1. This is very cool I did this with my tots in the classroom they loved it and we used our rolling pin and play knifes the children also used their plastic cup to cut out circles which they called biscuits put in their play oven to bake we made our play dough and talked about the color and shape we also had some play potatoe chips with ridges and we printed with them the children were amazed the they made a texture on the playdough and had fun exploreing the different things they could print with it

  2. A brilliant idea, I will be trying this with the class on Monday! Thank you for sharing!

  3. I work in day care and I've been searching the internet trying to find cheap play-doh tools. This will work wonders and I know the boys will love it. You don't have to buy tools when you have lego's!

  4. Love this idea, my boys got loads of Lego for Christmas and are loving it, this will be a great way to add some dimension to their play! Thanks for sharing!


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