Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Paper Pedi (and Mani)

This is a little girl residing in my house who loves painting her nails.  There is also a mom residing in that same house (me) who doesn't mind letting her painting her nails every now and then, but is not too fond of trying to get blue and purple nail polish off of hands, legs, arms, clothes, etc., or at painting them at 6am (which was the case this morning).

Today we found an alternative that we both liked - "Paper Pedicures & Manicures".
Supplies Needed:
Paper (something a little heavier (so the nail polish does not go through) we used construction paper)
Scissors (optional)
Nail Polish

First trace hands and feet on paper (using dominant AND non-dominant hand to trace).

Draw on outline of nails (as a guide for where to paint).  Although cutting out the hands and feet is not necessary, I'm always looking for different ways to practice cutting without making it seem like "work" - and this part was fun for her.
 Last step, painting the nails . . .

Again, we did this using both dominant and non-dominant hands.  It was a great way for my daughter to practice painting her nails, adding as many coats or colors as she wanted - minus the mess (and stress on me).

Do you allow your children to paint their nails (by themselves (supervised, of course))?   Any favorite tips or products that are kid friendly?


  1. Oh, my! I need to save this for the future. I have a little 2.5 year old that loves to have her nails painted, but I certainly do not let her paint them herself. I can see this being a good transition FAR in the future. ;-) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Fabulous :-) what brilliant fun. Such a great idea.

    Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


  3. For a kid friendly product, try Piggy Paint! Non-toxic, mostly natural nail polishes made for children.

  4. My 27 month old son loves to paint his nails! We use a dry erase marker and then it easily comes off. My husband is a trooper he even let's him paint his nails!


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