Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hop on Pop- Numbered Balloons Game & Dr. Seuss Linky!

This activity was inspired by Dr. Seuss's book, Hop on Pop. It doesn't necessarily relate to the plot of the book, but relates to some of the simple words in the book... like POP!

We love creating learning activities using materials we already have around the house. Since this weekend was filled with my son's birthday celebrations, we have a living room full of balloons.

Today we're going to share a simple learning activity we created, inspired by this game over at Martha Stewart.

This game requires adult supervision and is appropriate for children old enough to hold a thumbtack without hurting themselves/others with it. My son is four.

Materials Needed for Numbered Balloon game:

  • balloons (we used 12)
  • thumbtack
  • Sharpie
  • tape (we used painter's tape)

Set up:
  • Tape balloons to the wall so that they are easily accessible for child.
  • Write a number on each balloon (we were working on identifying numbers 10-20 today)

Directions for Numbered Balloon game:
  1. Have an adult (or another child) say one number aloud (10-20... or whatever numbers you want to use)
  2. The child then listens to the number and then locates the balloon with that matching number.
  3. Once the correct number is identified, the child can pop the balloon using a thumbtack!
  4. Continue hunting for numbers and popping the corresponding balloons until they are all gone!
We let the 15 month old join in by hopping on the balloons and trying to pop them by sitting on them :) We also talked about the colors of each balloon with her when she grabbed them. She also enjoyed torturing her brother by trying to knock them down while he was identifying numbers. She was just helping him think quicker, right?

I had to add this picture of the baby doing her little victory dance. She was so proud when she managed to steal a balloon.

We also did some hopping on mom after the game was over. For some reason when I was sitting on the floor both kids decided that they needed to "hop on mom" and started jumping all over me... so then I had to tickle attack them. I guess they learned something from the book?

Another favorite hopping activity at our house this weekend has been hopping on these giant bubble wrap Legos I created for my son's Lego-themed birthday party.

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Do you have any favorite Hop on Pop inspired activities? Or any other favorite Dr. Seuss activities? 

If so, come and link up below to The Ultimate Dr. Seuss Linky party hosted by Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas and several other fabulous bloggers listed below to celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday on March 2nd!


  1. I love this. I'm going to put it on my Dr. Seus Pinterest board. Maybe you should have a pin button? I tried to submit my Dr. Seuss post but it said one was already in this collection. So that would Mom of 2 Posh Lil Diva's. I didn't realize they weren't all connected. That's a lot of Dr. Seuss links! Wonderful.

    1. Susan the linky is the same on all of our blogs. So when you posted on mine, it appears on everyone's! Lots of eyes on all these great ideas!

  2. Maybe I can't link my Dr. Seuss post is because it is listed on Mom to 2 Posh Lil Diva's list of those who hosted the party. That means viewers can't see my photo but they need to click on the name of my blog: Kindergarten for Teachers and Parents. I didn't realize that is how it works. Great posts.

    1. Susan- Sorry if that is confusing. This is a giant link up. I think I mentioned all the blogs participating in a few spots on the post above. I don't see your link though in the linky. Which one is it? You are welcome to link up a different Seuss idea on my page.

  3. LOVE this activity! My girls adore jumping on balloons to pop them - have you tried that? It's pretty hilarious actually.

    1. Thanks Bern! Yes we have totally tried jumping on them and it is so funny (and kind of hard to get them to pop... at least for the lightweights at our house... for me it is super easy :)) We will need to try that with the other 20 balloons we have lying around the house.

  4. Thanks so much for hosting this linky. All such wonderful craft ideas to celebrate Dr. Seuss!

  5. I must admit that this is such a sad idea--teaching children destruction at a young age. Why teach destruction? Plus, the noise is way too loud and sharp for children's ears anyway (on average about 157 dB), which is over the threshold of 150 dB that our ears can safely take. Children's ears are more sensitive, and even a phobia of the noise (ligyrophobia) may occur as well. Even though I overcame the phobia on my own in my adult years (and love balloons today by being a full non-popper of them), I had the phobia when I was little. I was ridiculed for having the phobia, and it was unfortunate how my peers treated me. So, there are many ways to enjoy balloons non-popping-wise than by just centering on the sad destruction.

    On the Dr. Seuss note, I love Dr. Seuss and miss reading his books a whole lot (I even love the Dr. Seuss world at Islands of Adventure in Orlando, FL.), but using a word from the book in a totally different context than what is originally written shows a lack of continuity with the plot of the story. It may seem like a novel idea (yet was taken the opposite direction as a means of destruction), but lacks the flow of the original meaning.

    1. Thanks for taking a moment to share your opinion.

  6. I am glad I read your comments @Anonymous! I was thinking to do a popping balloon activity at my Music Class in our church for New Year. But the noise really concerns me and the kids might get scare of it.


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