Thursday, February 2, 2012

Groundhog's Day... repeated

I'm sure you want to relive Groundhogs's Day again tomorrow, right? So I thought I'd share what we ended up doing today for our super chill Groundhog's Day celebration... and then some of you will get to read it tomorrow morning. :) Aren't you excited?

To be honest, I kinda think Groundhog's Day is a weird holiday... but I also think it is funny (especially watching the men with the tall black hats read their scroll and show off Phil).

Anyways, we keep Groundhog's Day simple around here.

1. We must watch the actual ceremony. We watched it on this website. I really had to try not to laugh too hard. My son loved watching it so much that we watched it two more times once his dad got home.

2. We made a stuffed groundhog using the coloring pages from Life in the Lyon's Den. We printed the coloring pages out twice onto brown paper, cut around them, stapled them together around the edges (leaving a hole at the bottom), stuffed them with tissue paper, and stapled the guy shut.

3. We had a flashlight hunt with Punxsutawney Phil. We took turns hiding him in our dark family room. We used flashlights (my flashlight Android app worked great).

He liked hiding in the silliest places.

4. We played with shadows using our flashlight and a mini groundhog popsicle stick puppet we made.

5. We made a little collaborative groundhog scene. My son practiced gluing, snipping with scissors (straight long lines and little snips), and then he drew Phil's shadow with a brown marker. My addition was the little door for Phil's house. :)

What a fun day!

Did you do anything creative or fun for Groundhog's Day? What's your opinion of the holiday? Do you celebrate it?

Stay tuned for an awesome 100 Acts of Kindness guest post by Angelique tomorrow!

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  1. We don't have Groundhog day over here, but it looks like you had a fabulous fun time! I love the shadow puppet.

    Thanks for sharing in Family Frolics.



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