Saturday, January 21, 2012


As part of the 100 Acts of Kindness challenge we created a wall-o-love a week or so ago on a big wall in our house. I cut colored cardstock into 4x6 pieces (or a little larger)  and then taped them on the wall with painters tape (so that it wouldn't pull off the paint).

After I taped up the papers in a heart shape (inspiration from here), I printed off pictures of several of the people that we love and taped them up on our wall-o-love. I smile every single day when I walk down the stairs and see so many friendly faces.

I put everything high enough up that my daughter couldn't reach things and pull them off (she is a destroyer right now)... but also low enough that when I am holding her she can touch the pictures. She loves to just crawl up and look at the pictures and get excited. It is adorable.

Our wall-o-love has been a great language tool to use with my daughter and son as we practice words (grandma, grandpa, car, friend, etc) with the toddler and descriptive sentences with my preschooler. I typically will describe a picture and then he'll add some details and maybe rephrase my sentence or say his own. Ex. "Look, that's me and Luke when we played guitars and built playdoh monsters!" I love the opportunities this wall provides in helping to remember special events and people.

In addition to being fun to look at, we have also been working on writing love notes to family members and then adding them to the wall. I love seeing things that my son comes up with to tell his dad or sister. The wall is visible from many parts of our 1st floor, so it is a great reminder when I am impatient or being unkind... to try harder! Focusing on kindness and looking for the good in each family member has truly helped to create such a happier environment in our home!

Are there any fun ways that you display photos of those you love or share love notes in your home?
You can swing by my guest post on my friend Wendy's blog to see some of my other favorite ways to display family photos in our home. After over two years I finally have some photos on my walls! It was about time!

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  1. Just stopping by from the weekend hop! Such great ideas for little ones here! I'm now following you on Google+ and Facebook!

    Criss-Cross Applesauce

  2. i love this! i saw a similar idea with photos and i HAVE to do this!

    by the way..i love your wall color!! do you happen to know the name and brand?

    1. Thanks friend! I will look up the paint color and pass the name along. :) The former owners that painted our house left us plenty of it in the garage. Take a picture and share it if you make a wall-o-love too!

  3. This is a lovely idea and looks great on your wall.

  4. This is great! Absolutely great! I hope to do something like this. Thanks for the great idea


    1. If you make one, let me know. I would love to see how it turns out!

  5. This is absolutely beautiful. That's a fantastic idea! I bet it will be hard to take that down when the time comes. I would want it to stay up!

  6. This is really cute!

    Stopping by from Show-And-Share Saturday.

  7. What a beautiful idea - love it! Are you going to keep it up?! I would :-)

    1. Thanks Chrissy! I totally want to. I might keep it up until we actually put something there (which might be awhile). I absolutely love it.

  8. hello dear! may i have permission to use one of the pictures from this post on a wall that i made like this out of only photos. of course, i'll let readers know that you inspired me and give credit/refer them here to read about what you did.

    just let me know!


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