Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mom Project: Made with Love

I love to create and tend to create more things with my kids than for my kids, but the winter brings out my super crafty self (probably from being stuck indoors), so I thought I'd share some things I've attempted to make for our home and my kids lately. A few of these photos (and several others) were shared yesterday on my friend Wendy's blog.

First off, I love to fill our walls with art created by my kiddos. I made it extra special by adding little snapshots of them doing the art next to the actual art masterpieces. Both kids absolutely love looking at themselves and pictures of themselves and friends... so this wall is a hit at our house right now.

I only partially created this next project this month. When my son was a newborn I discovered some adorable baseball-like mattes at Pottery Barn Kids. I knew I could make my own and not pay the $9 per matte. I spent every naptime for a week cross-stitching these darn fabric pieces to go over the mattes and trying to get them to be perfectly straight- which was NOT possible. The end result is actually not bad, but next time I'll pay the $9. The frames + mattes have been sitting in a corner for 2.5 years... so this week I finally coerced my husband to put them on the wall. This wall display was definitely made with a lot of love... and work... and patience.

I'll share more about this wall-o-love below next week, but it was made with love for the little girl in pink that you see at the top of the stairs. My daughter loves seeing pictures of friends and family on this heart wall and hangs out checking them out quite often. It is going to be fun to use as we started the 100 Acts of Kindness Project next week!

Wall o Love featured on Wenderful.

Lastly, I made this car mat backrub t-shirt for my dad for Christmas. I stayed up late on Christmas Eve using fabric paint to create it (Hooray for my sister who found the perfect kind of paint!). I found the template online and then tweaked it to personalize the car mat. It shows my son's favorite places to go with his Grandpa.We included a race car with the shirt and now my son can race his cars on Grandpa's back.

Have you created anything for your kids, family, self, or home lately? 
I'd love you to share it in the comments so that I can come and check it out!

Some of my blogging friends have created a series called Made with Love where bloggers can share anything that they have made – small or big – for children, their home, etc... so I'll be linking this post up. Come and share your ideas too! Just click on the button below.

Made with Love


  1. oh Kristina! What a beautiful post! You are so creative a lovely for you friends, family and kids. I will also put the act of kindness button on my blog.
    Love to you from 'Made with Love',

    ps: pinning this

    1. Thanks Angelique!! Love love love this new link up. Hope it is a regular thing.

  2. Thank you so much for mentioning Made with Love and linking up these ideas. I love the art work idea and think that the back rub t-shirt may feature on a gift list next year

  3. Thanks Cerys! As I mentioned above, love the new link up. I am excited because it will encourage me to make things for my kids and my home more. I can't wait to figure out what the next project will be! My husband is hoping it will be the garage!

  4. I beg you to come over to Italy and paint togetehr with me my house! (after the garage of the hubby ofcourse). I will make you nice pasta and drink together prosecco ;)))

    Me too hopes that Made with Love will be back, but it looks good!

    Angelique xx


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