Thursday, January 5, 2012

M&M Snowflakes & Love Letters

Can't believe how many of you have enjoyed using our M&M Wreath Template . . . thought I'd create yet another reason to get a bag of M&M's - this time we're using the Valentine's Day Mix and creating snowflakes and "love letters".

Items Needed:
Snowflake Template (printed on colored paper)
Cups/bowls for sorting
Valentine's Mix M&Ms 
(Our 12.6 oz bag contained enough to make 7 snowflakes & 16 Love Letters)

Step 1 - Sorting!  My favorite part of the entire process - perhaps because this occupies my children for a long time.

 Step 2 - Give each child a cup full of white M&M's then . . .
 . . . make it snow (by dumping the M&M's onto the paper).  This part was more fun for my 2 yr. old son than turning them into snowflakes, so he would put all of the M&M's back into the cup and repeat the "snow storm".
Step 3 - Instruct child to place 1 M&M in each circle.

Steps 4&5 - Admire then devour!

Now - what to do with all of those leftover pink and red M&M's?  I contemplated saving them for a future V-tine's Day template - but realized that a bag of M&M's doesn't last long in our house . . .
  . . . so decided to use them to write some "love letters" now. 

 This time, there were no rules as to which colors went where.

Happy early Valentine's Day!

[Individual Snowflakes require 12 - 13 white M&M's, Love Letter requires 21 M&M's]


  1. So cute - I love this idea! I can imagine my kids eating most of the m&ms :-)

  2. This is very cute! I hope you'll stop by & link this up at TGIF!!
    Beth =-)

  3. very nice, going to do this with the kids today :-)

  4. So cute! I'm not sure my kids would be able to make it past the sorting though! :)


  5. ALREADY PINNED THIS! What a FUN activity...I am pinning this both on my fine motor board, and on my speech therapy board...this would be a great activity to use in my therapy sessions for motivation! You always have such creative ideas! Thanks so much for sharing at Thrifty Thursday, hope to see you again this week!

  6. So cool! Such a great idea, Kristina!


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