Monday, January 16, 2012

Kindness Challenge #1: Saying Thank-You

Today marks the official start of our 100 Acts of Kindness Project, as well as our first Kindness Challenge.
This week's challenge: Make 5 "Thank You" cards and give them to people you've never thought to thank before . . .

 . . . like your mail carrier, the men and women at your local fire/police station, a soldier, your favorite story time librarian, the teller at the bank who always gives your child a lollipop, etc..

 I created this simple stippling template to make our "Thanks" notes (as seen above), and the kids had fun filling in the dots using an eraser tip/q-tip dipped in paint.

Deborah from Teach Preschool also has a great post on making Thank You cards using your child's artwork (pictured below).

Who will you thank?  Do you have any fun ideas for making and writing thank you notes?

[Feel free to email us ( or post photos to our Facebook page if you do a post about our kindness challenge.] 


  1. Great challenge ... I always love gratitude activities! We might include some e-greeting thank you's. I just added this link to my post today at

  2. You know I was just thinking that I was going to have us write thank you notes as part of the challenge bc we are long overdue. What a great challenge!

  3. Love this! We still need to send out our Thank you cards for Christmas gifts so we'll be sending those out soon!

  4. Ok, I clearly didn't read all the way through this. We'll be sending out regular thank yous and thanking others! Like our barista :), our storytime leader at the library and our mailman!

  5. This is wonderful. Just what I've been looking for. This will be a great way to teach my kiddos. Gratitude is a wonderful thing to show. I want my girls to have this. I'll be following your 100 acts of kindness project.

  6. Great idea, we will get working on some cards.

  7. On-to-it. Definitely something to make someones day, and definitely something we should do more often!
    We are blogging about this at

  8. oh I always arrive late for these things LOL

    Ok, I love the idea and I Love random acts of kindness already, but to have it organised like this sounds really cool and challenging!

    And I bet there are a few other late ones like me, will you consider having a second round ?
    Or shall I do it on my own starting tomorrow May the 14th 2012?
    Thanks kindly!

  9. Ok I am ready to this amazing challenge.
    <3 for my family and specialy me..,

  10. I am so ready for this amazing challenge.


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