Saturday, January 14, 2012

Crayon Resist Snowman

If you're looking for a snowman project that you can do in a jiffy, this is a great one. 

Materials Needed: crayons, watercolors, and paper. 

1. Draw your snowman picture with crayons.

2. Paint over it with watercolors.

3. Let it dry.

4. Display!

This project is a great one to teach the idea of a crayon resist. I love using bright crayons with even darker paints to create an even bigger contrast (I let my son choose the paint colors on this one, so the colors were a bit more dull- though still beautiful).

Language skills we practiced included learning describing words (light blue body) and naming the parts of the snowman. My son wanted me to draw the snowman. Usually I would have kids doing this draw their own snowman... but I was picking my battles this day.

Speaking of grumpy kids... are you ready for the 100 Acts of Kindness challenge? It starts Monday with our first kindness challenge from EJ. Make sure to come check it out! I guarantee there will be less grumpy kids in your house for the next few weeks as you focus on kindness.

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