Thursday, January 19, 2012


In addition to all of the fun guest posts/weekly challenges to go with our 100 Acts of Kindness project - we will continue to post about our day to day activities. 

 My mom sent us this pretzel kit and we had so much fun turning the dough into "alphabetzels" (and eating them too, of course).

 While the idea of twisting the dough into letter shapes was a suggestion "on the box" - I added a little structure to the idea by making a letter template on parchment paper (that would line our cookie sheets) to help the kids in forming their letters.
A few tips if you'd like to try this too - be sure to write on the side that will be facing the pan (not the side the dough sits on) and reverse the letter image so that it will read correctly when flipped over.

 We rolled the dough into several long snakes, pulled apart sections and placed the on top of the pre drawn lines.

I did reserve a portion of the dough to let the kids create whatever shape/design they desired while our first batch was baking - which ended up turning into an overly kneaded, floured blob and baked into the world's hardest pretzel.

The others turned out just right.
 For some reason this 4 year old firmly believed that eating a "letter B" tasted way better than an actual pretzel . . .
 . . . and she also insisted on making a few heart shaped pretzels to create an edible love note for dad when he got home from work (check off one more act of kindness for the day).

I did like using the kit for the project mostly because of the convenience of it (all of the ingredients were included) - however I think we could have easily achieved the same results using our favorite bread dough recipe.  

Are you already participating in our 100 Acts of Kindness ChallengeOne of our favorite ways to spread kindness is by sharing our baked goods with neighbors and friends.  What are your favorite treats to make for sharing?   


  1. Well now that is just yummy brilliance right there... high fives to your mom!! Pinning!!


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