Friday, January 20, 2012

100 Acts of Kindness: Winter Warm Up {Via Kitchen Counter Chronicles}

We are spreading kindness this month through our 100 Acts of Kindness project. We are challenging our readers to perform 100 acts of kindness between Jan 16th and Feb 14th. You can read more about our kindness challenge here. Many of our blogging friends have joined the challenge and will be sharing ways that you can spread kindness here and on their blogs. Today we are privileged to have Jen from Kitchen Counter Chronicles as our guest blogger. Welcome Jen!


Hi there! I'm Jen from over at Kitchen Counter Chronicles.When I saw that Toddler Approved was hosting the 100 Acts of Kindness Project I jumped at the opportunity to be involved. With two daughters, aged 8 and 6, I am always looking for new ways to teach them to be more caring and kind. The kindness section of the parenting handbook was pretty short (oh, you didn't get a parenting handbook either?). This is why I am so excited by this project. I am looking forward to reading and learning from other parents...amazing.

Our winter warm up idea came about when we were thinking about how difficult it can be for some people to get around in the cold weather. While my daughters love rolling around in the snow, we know the snow can be quite an obstacle for others. The girls' 87-year-old great-grandmother came to mind. Nanny uses a walker to get around and has difficulty breathing. Cold weather keeps her shut inside her house for most of the winter. While this year has not been a particularly "bad" winter...she still can't get out and about. Which made us think that maybe we could send some love in to her! 

The idea of mailing a package to Nanny was born. We brainstormed a list of things to include in our package. In the end, the most popular choices were homemade cookies and artwork. So, we got to work.

My daughters made some stellar pictures.

And, we all worked on baking up some delicious cookies.

We packed up the box in the most decorative way possible.
We picked up a box to mail. Any trip to the post office is always an adventure. 

And, shipped off our package! 

This was a great lesson for my daughters because it not only required them to think of others, but it also requires them to have patience. The package will take a few days to get to Nanny...then we will have to follow-up with a phone call. No instant gratification with this project. Sometimes it is important to do things for others when their is no immediate reward for ourselves...just to be kind. I think we have been inspired to make a habit of sending things to Nanny. Even a simple note can really lift someone's spirit.

Is there someone in your life who could use a surprise package in the mail? 

Thanks Jen for stopping by and sharing this great idea! I love simple acts of kindness like this. My son is now planning to send some sort of package to both of his grandparents... and hopefully I can encourage him to create something for his great-grandparents too! Make sure to stop by Kitchen Counter Chronicles and check out some of Jen's other great posts. I love her I'm Bored Jar post and her simple String of Hearts

Jamie @ hands on : as we grow

Jen is a stay at home mom with two beautifully creative daughters. She loves sharing her adventures in play, crafting, baking, gardening and greening her family's life on her blog Kitchen Counter Chronicles. She lives in an amazing neighborhood in Toronto and she and her daughters enjoy spending time outdoors exploring and indoors using their imaginations!

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  1. This is a great way to show their grandmother that she is special. My post about 100 Acts of Kindness will go up tomorrow!

  2. What a great idea. Please add my email address to get your blog. Thank you. Susan

  3. What a very special gift for your daughters' great grandmother, Jen! I featured your post and cookie-baking photo in my week 2 kindness challenge at


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