Tuesday, December 6, 2011

"Ultimate Box of Projects" Review

The folks at CraftProjectideas.com sent us the Made by Me Junior™ Ultimate Box of Projects to explore and review.  Suggested age is 4+ and the box contains supplies to make over 30 projects (including Paper Bag Puppets, Clay Animals, Sticker & Coloring Pages, Mosaic, Beading & Tissue Paper Designs).

I was surprised at how many items they were able to fit in a modest sized box: tissue paper, pipe cleaners, markers, clay, glue stick, glitter glue, paper bags, googly eyes, foam beads, adhesive mosaic pieces, animal cut outs, stickers . . . I was even more surprised that we were able to fit everything right back in the box after we had completed a few projects (a bonus for a person like myself enjoying apartment living).  
 The kit comes with a sheet containing suggested projects and simple pictorial instructions - which were clear enough for my 4 year old daughter to understand and execute (as well as how to tell her 2 year old brother what he needed to be doing if he wanted to participate).
 Farm Scene Sticker Page by 2 yr. old son
I found that I rarely had to help, and that both of my children were content to work independently (and quite  successfully) on their selected projects.
4 yr. old daughter folding tissue for Paper Flowers

 And , when they wanted to work together on something . . . 
 . . . we pulled out the color roll, and left enough space between the panels so that there wouldn't be any disagreements :)

We've had the most fun, however, creating and playing with the Tissue Paper Animals.  The provided animal templates have a sticky surface, so adhering the crumpled tissue paper is simple - perhaps my favorite feature. 
Upon finishing we discovered that our tissue paper animals looked similar to the floats we saw at our local Christmas parade and decided to line them up and make a parade of our own.

This box has been my "go-to" resource of late when my daughter tells me she's bored or wants to do a "project".  I think it would be the perfect craft item to bring on a vacation or to grandma and grandpa's house because EVERYTHING you need to complete the projects is included in the box and there is plenty inside to keep a child (and adult) busy for a substantial amount of time. 

The kit includes extra supplies so you can make all of the suggested projects and have plenty left over to repeat a project or create your own.  Below are some other ideas we have tried/would like to try using the contents of this kit:

Using Clay for Cutting Practice
or to make baked Glitter & Clay Ornaments by The Magic Onions.

Using Tissue Paper to make Name Ornaments
 or these simple decoupage ornaments by modobject at home.

Using Foam Beads as Cookie Press Stamps
We won a set of cookie stamps and are anxiously awaiting them in the mail.  My daughter has been asking to make the stamped cookies EVERY day - so we came up with our own stamps in the meantime by piercing our foam beads (after washing them) with fondue sticks.
  They worked really well as cookie stamps - however the two recipes I used did not yield the correct consistency after baking and all of our cookies ended up runny and flat (hence no "after" picture).  Any no-fail recipe suggestions?

We have thoroughly enjoyed exploring the Made by Me Junior™ Ultimate Box of Projects and have a fun surprise from CraftProjectideas for one of our readers coming this Thursday!  

Disclaimer: We'd like to thank our friends at CraftProjectideas.com for providing us a free Made by Me Junior™ Ultimate Box of Projects to explore. We were not compensated for this review and all opinions shared in this post are 100% mine. Please note that your opinions may differ from those of my family. Stay tuned for our CrafProjectideas giveaway on Thursday!

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