Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Saving Holiday Photo Cards

Today we are sharing a few favorite ways to save holiday photo cards! Our absolute favorite thing to do is put them on a ring!

I have a hard time throwing things away, especially cards and letters - so I find myself with a large collection after the holidays that I'm not sure what to do with.  I've seen some fun ideas for how to recycle Christmas cards such as this wreath, card puzzles, monogram labels, ornaments and garland.  However I have a stack of beautiful photo cards that I would not dare cut into or throw away . . .

While I love this idea for making a photo collage or adding them to the family scrapbook - I wanted to find a simple way to keep the photo cards together (that also allowed a way to add more as we received them).

Solution: hole punch and a binding ring.

I used the photos printed on thicker paper to demonstrate how to use the hole punch then gave a stack of photo cards on thinner paper to my daughter to punch on her own.  This was a great activity to increase hand/grip strength. 

Choosing how to order the photos on the binding ring took quite a long time - and we have had so much fun going through the photos (and can easily add more as they come)! 

How do you store/display your photo cards?  What do you do with them after the Holidays are over?

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  1. Great idea! I save mine, but in one of the most unorganized ways. Love your idea!


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