Saturday, December 17, 2011

Holiday Traditions

We have several family traditions during the holidays... and several of them include fun trips around the Bay Area where we live. This week we went to the Oakland Zoo Lights and tonight we're heading into San Francisco to check out the holiday lights and decorations.

I have also enjoyed starting several new traditions this year, including this one and another one that I will be sharing on Monday as part of the Creative Christmas Countdown!

I loved learning about some of your favorite family traditions during one of our recent giveaways, so I thought it would be fun to share them with you today so that everyone could hear about them.

Did you forget to share one? No worries... please share them in the comments or over on our Facebook page. There are so many great ones, so start reading!

Toddler Approved Reader Traditions

Kacie: We are still developing Christmas traditions around here, as my son is about to turn 3 and my daughter is about to turn 1. But some things include driving around and looking at Christmas lights and going to special park exhibits of lights, and also having the "Christmas Elf" leave a wrapped package of pajamas at our front door close to bedtime on Christmas eve, to help encourage the kids to get to bed early. heh! That started with my parents and now I"m carrying it on.

Oceanrena: Our tradition is to have a big waffle breakfast after opening presents and to lounge around and play with our toys for the rest of the day.

Samantha: My favorite holiday tradition is taking the kids in the car and looking at all the lights!

Ashley: Fave Christmas tradition just started last year, I work with children on a cruise ship and last year I worked over Christmas, so my parents and sister came on the cruise that week. We weren't going to do presents, but I convinced everyone to at least do our stockings on Christmas morning. We are planning on doing that again this year.

Christy: Favorite holiday tradition: as a kid, opening one present on Christmas Eve. As a relatively new mom (three kids in three years), we're still figuring out our own traditions!

Laura: My favorite holiday tradition was dancing around the tree singing a song in Norwegian that I didn't understand, but knowing it was tradition.

Angela: My favorite Christmas tradition is a candle- and tree-lit dinner, complete with angel chimes! My husband hates the angel chimes with a passion. ;)

Cat: We love doing advent garlands with the kids. each day is filled with scripture, a charitable act, and a treat. they love it!

Kensey: A favorite Christmas tradition at our house happens on Christmas Eve; we take our little ones to look at lights. When we get home they get to open their Christmas jams and a new book, then we read the Christmas story from the Bible and set out Santas cookies! :)

Jennifer: My favorite tradition is seeing the Mesa Temple lights. I'm especially excited to take Nolan this year.

Jenette: My favorite holiday tradition is eating yummy buttermilk pancakes on Christmas morning.

Morah D: My favorite holiday tradition is baking cookies!

Crystal: My favorite Christmas tradition growing up was going to my grandma's house on Christmas day. Me and my cousins would build snow forts, find the pickle ornament in the tree, and eat my grandma's homemade cooking (her noodles were my favorite!). Now that I'm all grown up with young kids of my own, my new favorite tradition is Elf on the Shelf. Jingle the elf is a popular man at our house. :) 

Ashley: We love to decorate the tree with our little one.

Alright, so do you have any other ones to share? 

Have a great Saturday!

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