Monday, November 7, 2011

Water Tube Painting

Have you ever gotten a big bouquet of flowers and thought, 
"What could I use these floral water tubes for?"

(or am I the only weird one that thinks like that?)

I have had a whole set for almost a year. They have been cluttering up my drawers, so I finally decided to use them for something. It was a blast. This was purely an exploration and sensory painting activity. 

Materials Needed: floral tubes, paint, water, and drawing paper


1. Fill tubes with a few drops of paint.

2. Add a little water.

3. Shake the tubes to mix the water and paint. Make sure to put your thumb over the hole at the top before you start shaking or else you might paint yourself. :)

4. Lay out your paper and start exploring.

We shook them a little bit and did drip painting.

We also dabbed with them to create our own version of dot markers

While we explored, we talked about the shapes and creations that we made- rainbows, circles, lines, caterpillars, etc.

This activity provided a lot of opportunities for talking about colors, shapes, designs and patterns. It was simple and a lot of fun.

Have you done any creating with floral tubes?


  1. No I haven't created anything, but what a fun idea!

  2. I have also wondered what I could do in a classroom with those tubes! Thanks for a great idea :)

  3. I love it - and I don't think I've ever had a bunch of flowers that came with tubes like this. Thanks for sharing it with us on Monday Madness.

  4. What a fun idea. I guess my hubby needs to be more thoughtful and send me more flowers because I want to do this now! Thanks for sharing with us on monday madenss.


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