Friday, November 18, 2011

Turkey Day Headband Tutorial - No Sew

Can you believe Thanksgiving is less than a week away?  I've seen these turkey headbands and figured I could make my own using my stockpile of scrap felt.  Would you like to make one too?

Items Needed
Black Marker
 Glue Gun or Craft/Fabric Glue
Sticky Back Velcro
Felt: 1 Sheet (9x12) of Red, small pieces of Dark Brown, Light Brown, Yellow, and 2 other Colors (I just used scraps from leftover projects - you wouldn't need more than 4"x4" pieces)  

[I had my daughter (age 4) help with this project - and would only recommend doing this with your child under direct supervision and with advance preparation.  I used a glue gun (low heat) for assembly - but set it up away from where we were assembling the headband, and did not allow my daughter to operate it or touch the glue.]

 Print the template and cut out the pieces (or you could easily eyeball the shapes).

For the band: cut a rectangle (from your red felt) 1 1/2" x 12".  Next, cut the rectangle "almost" in half (see picture below) leaving about 1/2 - 3/4" attached.

Fold in half.

Glue down.
We will center the turkey on top of this fold in a later step.

Trace the template pieces onto the remaining felt and cut (as directed below):
Red - 1 Backing Piece, 1 Waddle and 2 Feathers
Light Brown/Tan - 1 Body Piece
Dark Brown - 1 Backing Piece
Yellow - 1 Beak and 2 Feathers
2 Other Colors - 4 Feathers (2 of each color)
 I used pinking shears to cut the feathers (to add dimension) and varied the sizes of each - optional, but adds a nice touch.

Glue Beak and Waddle on Turkey Body, add eyes using black markers - then glue body onto Dark Brown Backing.

Step 5: Arrange feathers on top of red backing piece (you'll want to place about 1/2" of each feather onto the backing, otherwise the feathers will not stand up).  
 Sandwich feathers (using glue) between red backing and Turkey Body/Backing.
Step 6: Glue Finished Turkey to band.  Measure headband on child's head and mark placement of Velcro. 
 Add Velcro and you're done!

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Have a great Friday!


  1. I will be trying this with my class for sure!

  2. This came out really cute! I've been wanting to make my girls something like this but as a necklace-I better get a move on!

  3. My Molly would LOVE this! She has been wearing her turkey hat from this week's Mommy and Me ALL DAY EVERY DAY! It is more than a little pitiful now. I am not sure her paper one will make it to Thanksgiving dinner!

  4. Going to feature you tomorrow!If you drop by enter a giveaway I am having & grab a free printable game! Thanks for the fun no sew inspiration! Theresa
    (*I am linking back to your tutorial)

  5. Why do you cut the red rectangle almost in half? Is that just for making the headband big enough when working from a 9x12 square?


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