Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Blog Share

I love spending time each weekend looking through all of the great activities and projects I've seen around the internet and trying to figure out our plan for the next week. I also love taking a few minutes and sharing a few blogs with you!

Come Together Kids was introduced to me this week and I love it! Laura's blog is filled with activities and projects that she does with her three kids that are inexpensive and easy, while still being fun.

Come Together Kids

I loved her recent Mini-Marshmallow shooter tutorial. I know a little boy (and his dad) who would love to make one of those!!

Frugal Family Fun Blog is a blog filled with fun activities to do on a budget. I love the varied activities and projects that are posted and am especially excited that they are cheap or free to make!

I loved Valerie's recent post about 5 Simple Ways to Foster Gratitude. I need to work on doing these all year long! 

I hope you take a moment to head on over to both of these blogs and check them out. There are so many fun things to create with little ones!! I have been pinning lots of them!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I flew in this afternoon from my weekend girls trip and have been enjoying snuggling with my baby girl and goofing off with my son at home. I am hoping that I survive tomorrow. Does anyone else ever have a hard time re-adjusting to being a mom after a vacation away? I always feel like my kids become their worst selves for the first few days when I get home... and I've also gotten out of my mom routine, so it takes some patience!!

Wish me luck! Have a great night.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing my blog! I hope if your readers stop by they find some of our ideas that will work with their families!

    Laura @ Come Together Kids

  2. You're welcome Laura!! I am having so much fun exploring your blog.


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