Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sibling Fun: Kitchen Band

I am always looking for activities that both of my kids can do together that keep them happy and keep them out of trouble (stealing toys, knocking each other over, crawling up the stairs, etc.).

This week we created a 
Kitchen Band

We used different sized measuring cups (the metals ones were the favorites since they were so LOUD), tupperware containers, spatulas, wooden spoons, and anything else that looked like fun in my kitchen drawers.

The kids banged, sang, clapped, drummed, and the baby chewed on some of the spoons too!

This was a great activity to talk about vocabulary words like loud, soft, hard, fast, bang, clap. Mostly the kids just explored their "instruments," but I also worked on listening skills with the baby and practiced giving her directions and seeing if she could follow them.

 "Hit the spoons together"
" Bang the drum"
" Clap your hands"
" Stomp your feet"

We also sang songs and banged along while we performed. Both kiddos had loads of fun! This is my favorite activity for them to do together while I am trying to get dinner ready or bake treats for an event. I love watching their interactions with each other!

I am SO GRATEFUL for these two little ones. I feel so blessed to be their mom! They are the first things (along with their dad) that I think of when I make lists in November of things I am grateful for.

Have you created a kitchen band recently?
Do you make gratitude lists or keep a gratitude journal?

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