Friday, November 11, 2011

Screen Free Fun and Storage

On Thursday we attempted a screen free day at our house. To be honest, it was mostly for me. Our kids don't watch that much TV, but I check my phone/internet a bit too much sometimes... so I decided to make it a screen free day! Having a little 3-year-old on my case all day reminding me that we were taking a break from TV, computers, iPads, and phones definitely made me more accountable.

The kids spent a lot of time playing with their cornflake "fall" crunchy sensory tub (Thank you Play Challenge Day 9) while I organized pretty much every disaster cupboard in our kitchen. I'm not posting the before pictures here... but they were pretty terrible. I labeled all the bins, organized projects, and got rid of a lot of junk.

The cupboards still aren't perfect, but they feel so much better than what they looked like before.

I also put together this little bin full of stuff that we seem to use the most... so that it is easy to grab when we are working on projects. I need to put together another one with a few things that are good exploratory crafty materials - googly eyes, pipe cleaners, craft sticks, etc.

What would you include in a little bin like this?

What are your child's favorite crafty supplies during independent exploring time? 

(PS- For those of you who love technology and could use a screen free day... I'm going to try and do one every month. I'd love some of you to join us. I'll keep you posted when we do it next week. It was amazing how much more creative I was with the computer and my phone off during naptimes and even during some of my evening time. I love technology and don't feel like it needs to be screen free for me every day, but it is nice to have a break from time to time!) 

Have a fabulous Saturday!! Next week we'll be hosting our Best of November Link Up, so start deciding which post you want to share. I can't wait to see all of your ideas!


  1. I will join you in a screen free day. I always find myself checking my email a little bit too often. Love your tidy cupboards, mine could do with sorting.

  2. I love the crunchy sensory bin - what a great idea.

  3. Great idea... with the screen free day!!! I think I'll give that a try.

    Thanks for sharing your art cabinet. I'm going to try to work on mine today. YIPPEE!!!


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