Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Leaf Identification and Collage Variation

We're still enjoying the fall foliage and moderate temperatures here in the Southeast.  

When we collected leaves earlier this week, we decided that we would bring along our Trees Field Guide to help us identify the leaves we found.  This guide is an excellent resource - and provides a platform to learn about size, shape, texture, color.  It is simple to flip through the pages (though not so simple to get it all back together if your toddler is trying to help (my only complaint)).

Every time we picked up a leaf, we would flip through the guide and try to find a match.  This particular day, they found the leaves from the Sassafras tree to be the most interesting (and it didn't hurt that the name was so much fun to say).

Instead of doing a random leaf collage, we decided to center our beloved Sassafras leaf and shape the entire collage as a giant Sassafras leaf.  To help guide the placement, I cut the contact paper ahead of time in the shape of the leaf.

We had intentions of making several of these collages, but I ran out of contact paper after the first one :)  What unique ways have you displayed or identified leaves?

Addendum: We LOVED the idea of a leaf collage, so after we saw EJ's post this morning we rushed outside to gather some of our own leaves. Northern California's Fall foliage is a bit different than the Southeast, but we still managed to snag a few colorful ones. We drew the first initial in my son's name on the the smooth side of our contact paper and then he started sticking the leaves onto the sticky side.

He was super excited about his leafy letter A for the beginning letter in his name. 

We talked about the colors, textures, sizes, and shapes of the leaves while we explored.

Thanks for such a fun morning activity EJ!

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  1. Yeah for the beautiful sassafras - what a cool idea, I am in Australia where it is spring but will store this idea away. Thanks


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