Monday, November 14, 2011

Best of November Link Up!

Our Best of November Link Up is a place where we get to feature 

Come share your favorite activity, art project, play idea, home decor project, or any other crafty or creative post from this month. Just click on the linky below and start uploading! We are SO EXCITED to come check out your submissions and get some new ideas. We're going to host this Link Up each month, so come back and share!

- Please add the Best of November button below to your blog post and feel free to send others over to our blog to share their ideas.

- Please share only your best idea (or two... I know sometimes it is hard to pick :)). If you share more than two we will be forced to delete any other posts... so definitely stop linking once you've shared two.

- Please check out other posts that interest you and stop by to leave comments or share the posts you love on your Facebook page. It definitely makes people's day when you take a moment to tell them their idea totally rocks.

We'll do a wrap up at the end of the month with a few of our favorite ideas from this link up. Alright, if you're ready, start linking! 


* By linking up you are granting me permission to use and/or repost photographs from your blog.


  1. Hey TA, The html code for your turkey button had an error and wouldn't work when I tried to put it on my post/sidebar. The pic wasn't showing and the empty box wasn't clickable. But my hubby fixed it. This comment box won't let me copy paste the new code for some reason so I'll post it on your FB wall.


  2. Hi! I had a lot of trouble with my computer. I re-posted the number 33, but I don't know how to delete the number 32? It was the wrong picture and my computer bugged.

  3. No worries Caroline! I can fix it. Thanks for sharing your post in our link up!

  4. OK, I promise it is the last time ;) I notice that I put the wrong link for the number 33. I think I was very tired :O) The right link is:

    And........Happy Thanksgiving!
    Thank you and hope you are having a great time :)

  5. No worries at all. Happy Thanksgiving! I fixed it and updated the link. Looking forward to reading this later this evening.

  6. It's a pleasure to participate at your Best of November Link up. Thanks a lot for your visit and invitation! Kisses

  7. Hello! It's me again.... and again....;O)
    Sorry to re-bother you with that. I changed something in my blog URL and therefore my two links are invalid at this moment. The new links are for the number 32 and for the number 33. Thank you! I am sorry for this inconvenience. I changed something and I didn't think it would change all my and me aren't best friends. ;) have a great day!

  8. Caroline- no worries at all :) thanks for updating the links. It would've been sad if people hadn't been able to check them out!!


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